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So I've been gone for a little while and some of you may or may not have missed me. Also you may be wondering just where in the heck have you been missy? Well aside from working my butt off I have also been completely immersed in watt pad. I've been writing fanfics of course. (Yes I know I've neglected my vingle fanfic and no I don't know if I'll ever start that back up again.) But anyways I thought I would just let you know that if you aren't already reading my stories them you are missing out on the fun! I do have a few loyal readers like @ElleHolley @isabellaelliot @jessicaacosta90 @EliseB and @SugaOnTop but I want you guys to join in on the fun as well!
My longest story so far with 8 chapters is this one its a mafia au and I really like we're it's heading...
This is my newest work it has 2 chapters so far and it started off pretty strong. It's definitely heading in a very good direction.
Also a sneak peak for my vingle fam only I also have this one in the works! No chapters yet but I'm working on it!
This is my username and what my page looks like. (Yes I know it says jhope and my picture is Jimin and his sweet buns. I have issues ok.) Please feel free to follow me! I always follow back! And if you read my stories please don't forget to comment and vote on the chapters! Also add the stories to your reading list so that you can be notified about new chapters!
OMG I AM NOT READY FOR THE NEW ONE YET!!!!! 馃槺馃槹馃槺馃槹馃槺馃槹馃槺馃槹 *prepares grave*
@ashleyemmert XD lmfao night grandma jk jk jk night boo鈾♀櫋
@mrsjeon lol me too because I'm like a grandma. Lol goodnight boo! 馃挄
@ashleyemmert lmfao xD arraso arraso I'll make one 2moro :3 I'm gonna sleep rn ewe
@mrsjeon 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 Noooo. You should make one. Cause we are buddies and buddies do these kinds of things for each other lol
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