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Help me!!
I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while!! I've been really busy with school and marching band season is getting ready to start. I haven't had much time to have fake text convos with my oppas.
So my dilemma is that recently I have really gotten into another group. Monsta X. Ive fallen in love with them and am a Monbebe through and through. But.... I can't find a single good Monsta X fan fic. If you know of one please please please tell me in the comments!!!!! I don't have a particular pairing I'm looking for or genre either. Anything!
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I really haven't seen many Monsta X fan fic at all....too bad too
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I remember someone long ago by the name of @iLikeHisFace123 would make really good Monsta X fanfics but she changed her username and after searching for her through my old cards I found her (@Insfired)! Maybe @Insfired can direct you to her Monsta X Fanfics. 😊
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I could help. Thank you for giving me the shoutout. You're so kind! @JaxomB @MonAnnahiX
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I have them in my Kpop Imagines Collection.
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@Insfired You're welcome! btw I miss seeing you around. You were one of the first Monbebe I met on here when the Monsta X collection was created! 😊
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