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Comment what I missed and lets discover music together!
Romeo has made a comeback with "Nightmare" and from the title it might seem like a dark concept but the song in reality is very bright sounding. The song is about the fear of losing a significant other but the boys attack it in a playful manner.
G.O.D's Son Ho Young released "My Weak Point" which by its title it could be guessed to be a ballad. The song is very mellow and sweet as it climbs into the chorus. Son Ho Young has a powerful yet light sounding voice that carries well.
SHINee's JongHyun made a solo comeback with "She Is" which is literally a finger-snapping song considering there's what sounds like snapping in the background. The song consistently keeps a bouncing flow and is catchy overall.
Baek A Yeon has released "So-So" which is a smooth flowing song with small parts in the song containing emphasis. The song is a nice slow song about wanting to fall in love.
Tahiti has released "알쏭달쏭" which is actually a more bright concept similar to "Skip". The song is party themed and also suits their group name.
MAP6 has made their comeback with "Swagger Time"> This is the first time I've seen them but the song is very cool, rhythm filled, and they have a strong image along with it.
Block B's Park Kyung released "Inferiority Complex" ft. Gfriend's EunHa. The song is a nice moving song with rap complements. The song is bright and fast-paced.
Amber has released "Need to Feel Needed" which I'm not sure counts as Kpop because it's entirely english but if you want to clarify whether you think it is or not, go ahead. The song lines up with her previous releases being inspirational/emotional.
Oh My Girl has comeback with "Windy Day" which is a calmer song to start off but quickly transitions into a bubbly track with Bollywood style music playing in the background of some parts of the song.
Boyfriend has released "To My Bestfriend" which is a song that feels like an adventure. The song is enjoyable and has a bright concept that fits well with Boyfriend.
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When I heard bae was making his solo comeback, I flipped the f out! I was not ready!
ROMEO!!! I love that song so much!!!