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Hello there, my name is Cortney, aka cardboardart! I'm weird and I like anime! I'm here to talk if you ever want to!!! We always think we're alone, you probably don't wanna hear this, but we're not. Yeah, the people around us might not support us or be there for us but Vingle is a giant family where we all try to look out and take care of each other. It's where we can vent and ask for help and instead of people leaving comments saying things like 'oh get over it' or 'you're being dramatic,' we help each other and show our support. Yeah there are those random people that leave those comments but most of us will defend each other. We don't like being mean, we support each other. Ohana means family and family means no one is left behind or forgotten. And since you're on Vingle, you're family too. If you ever need someone to talk to, message me or reach out. We'll be here.
suffer for yourself, dreams, goals, hopes, and happiness. Suffer is a word that is only masked by negativity. Positively its go find people to smile with. If anything we can talk if you want, be friends. It's lonely but I offer my assistance to you