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안녕하세요!! Hello Hello Loverlys!! KPopbeat here with a special treat. Now I know I have said it before but before Kpop took half my soul.... Kdramas (well Asian Dramas in general) owned the whole thing. So naturally.... I felt I would share with you all my top ten Korean Dramas.... Now please take into mind this list would be a little different if I had added other Asian dramas... but we will stick to just Korean ones for now....
Now.... I had a hard time picking only ten top Kpop songs for my last list... but it is easier for me to pick a top ten drama list... the reason you ask? Because a plot, the acting, the overall effect a drama has really can make it stand out from the crowd. Half of this list didn't take any thought for me... The second half took a little more deciding......
I have included links to the shows on DramaFever as well as some trailers for each the shows. Now some of these trailers are fan made but I loved them so much I felt they really gave you more of a taste of what you would be getting when watching the show...
Whelp hope you enjoy my Kdrama list!!!
#1.....Gu Family Book... Now this show only came out in 2013 but it made #1 on my list without any effort. I fell in love with the story... the amazing acting and the over all feels involved with this drama. This is probably my all time favorite drama and personally I haven't found one to even attempt to take its spot. I have watched it handful of times and besides Skip Beat there isn't any drama I have watched over more.
#2.... Kill Me, Heal Me.... This drama is amazing. I fell in love with Ji Song's acting after watching this show. I always knew he was good but he really proved he is a top actor for this one. I haven't watched this one over again yet... but it is top on my list to rewatch with it's amazing story, nice acting, and humor .... Now... there is only one other that competes with #2 spot and it took a lot of debating before I gave it to Kill Me, Heal me......
#3.....Healer.... Now this one was neck and neck with Kill Me, Heal Me for second spot. I was introduced to all that was Ji Chang Wook with this amazing little drama. I can honestly say I fell for the guy and started taking an interest in his other works as well as his future work.
The suspense in this one is the reason I give it such a high rating. I was on the edge of my seat the entire show. Action... romance... and eye candy? pfft... how could I not love this one?
#4.....The Scholar Who Walks the Night..... Lee Joon-Gi, Lee Soo Hyuk.... in the same drama.... as vampires??? Oh goodness there was no way this one would not be on my top list. I absolutely loved this drama... but then again I really enjoy vampire shows. I have watched this one a couple of times and still love it. Probably my favorite of 2015.
#5....Secret Garden..... Now this one I only watched once, but it left such an impression on me that I never forgot it even after 6 years.... Actually in 2010/2011 this drama made such an impression that everyone knew what it was and who stared in it. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it as a avid drama freak.
#6.....Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team.... Now this one is fantastic. The actors, the story, and the comedy. Watching a bunch of grandpas run around acting like 20 somethings.... the best comedy I have watched in a while. I only just watched this one recently but it was good enough to make it onto my top 10 Korean Dramas list... If you need a laugh with a bit of suspense and a lot of humor... I highly suggest this one.
#7.....Heartstrings.... Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye in one drama.... Yes please. She is actually my favorite female actress. A lot of people show her hate but I don't understand why. I have yet to find a show she was in that I did not enjoy.... I love music and a drama involving a bickering couple, music, and romance? Yup count me in. I rather enjoyed this one.
#8.... Shut Up Flower Boy Band..... Sung Joon... and L.... in a bad boy filled band.. taking over the musical world by storm and yet still dealing with the issues of being teenage boys? Yup... this one was a keeper. It has been years since I watched it but I feel it is a good one for any drama fan. Not to mention the soundtrack for this whole show is fantastic and leaves you wishing the band was real.
#9.....You're Beautiful.... Well if the bad boy band from the last drama should be real... then so should A.N.JELL.... Now there are a few adaptions to this show as it was originally a manga.... BUT..... Yonghwa.... Lee Hong-Gi.....Jang Keun Suk... in a band... together... Oh man i would fan girl like no other over that group.. Nothing but visuals.. Now I cannot even count how many dramas I have watched where a girl pretends to be a boy... and how they get away with it so long always surprises me.... but hey... I guess if it didn't work out then this wouldn't have been such a wonderful show.
#10..... Playful Kiss.... Now last but not least... the Korean version of this amazing manga. I have personally watched all of the versions and I love this one. It is a little different from the original manga unlike the Japanese version, but that is also why I loved it. The changes made it so it wasn't the same show/manga I had seen before. This cringe worthy, heart melting show is worth the watch.
BONUS!!!!..... SKIP BEAT!!!... Yup... I don't care that it isn't a Korean drama.... it does have two Kpop stars in it so it should count right???? This drama is right next to Gu Family Book for favorite drama of all time. This is my comedy while that one is my more heartfelt choice. I have watched this drama dozens of times over and never get tired of it. If you haven't watched it I would highly recommend it.
WHELP! That is all for this loverly list my dear Loverlys. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that if you haven't seen some of these dramas you will add them to your list of must watch. If you have seen them... which is your favorite?
Well until next time....
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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@Zyxzj I agree, I cried a lot in that drama too, especially when ByungHee died. I thought that it was a nightmare that ByungHee had, but after I realized it wasn't, I cried a lot. It was a sad show but still one of my favorites.
It was a rather sad one wasn't it. I can't help but love it though.