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The F**k You Been? {UPDATE CARD}
Yes its been a hot weeks...since I posted anything and I want to apologize firstly. School ended a while ago and I just felt like taking a break from Vingle :P
Nevertheless I'm back and it would be an understatement if I told you guys I missed you. Its been so long but I'm finally ready to return.
But before all that I really want to make sure I'm keeping up to date with my taglists. So I'm scratching all of my old ones and recreating them. *PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TAGGED IN OR YOU WILL NO LONGER BE TAGGED*


All About That ARMY Life


United We Stand. We Are One. *You can also join the Overdose Squad and never miss out on any of my EXO cards.*


For those who want to get acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of Korea.

K-Pop Fanfictions

I'll try my best to fulfill requests regularly. Requires a lot of patience lol. Updates are regularly (most of the time). *Let me know if you would like to be tagged in smut, fluff, or both.

K-Pop Games/Challenges

Don't miss out on any community challenges and games within the communities.

K-Pop Scenarios

I Ship You With, Fake Texts, and other funny made up scenarios in this collection.

Serious K-Pop Talk

Where I take a moment and point out subjects where we all share our opinions about. These can get touchy btw.

Fangirl Problems

The struggle fangirls go through are unreal.


Shine On Shawols!!

All Cards?

Basically for people who don't really care what their tagged in lol.
There will be a three day wait before I will make the new taglists. So be sure to comment before Tuesday!!!
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@takenbykpop I usually do ships scenarios on Wednesday so if you would leave some basic info about yourself then I'll definitely ship you :)
a year ago·Reply
Thankxs hun.
a year ago·Reply
Please tag me in all of them.
a year ago·Reply
Pick me for all please??? Also welcome back:)
a year ago·Reply
All please! I feel like I'm a bit late, but please tag me in all.
a year ago·Reply