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품절녀 / 품절남

품절(sold-out) + 여자(woman)/ 남자(man)
Literally mean “sold-out woman” and “sold-out man.” They refer to a person who has just got married, become a wife or husband, and therefore are off the market for dating or marriage. So sad!


볼수록(the more you see/meet) + 매력 있는(more and more attractive)
Haven’t you ever met someone who didn’t look attractive and charming at first, but becomes more attractive as you get to know him/her? That person is definitely bol-mae.

훈녀 / 훈남

훈훈한(heartwarming, kind) + 여자(woman) / 남자(man)
Literally means the charming wo/man who makes your heart warm. Usually, people who are referred to as hoon-nyeo/hoon-nam are more attractive and kind as opposed to being physically good-looking.

돌싱남 / 돌싱녀

돌아온(coming back) + 싱글(single) + 남자(man) / 여자(woman)
돌싱남 / 돌싱녀 are the words combined with the verb 돌아오다 (to come back), 싱글 (single) and 남자(man) / 여자(woman). 돌싱남 and 돌싱녀 refer to a divorced man and woman respectively.
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