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Admit it: Does your charger look like this? Do you know someone who uses duct tape to fix EVERYTHING?

Shout out to my older sister and her collection of duct taped sneakers.
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@TinaDang LOL At least you are loud and proud.
I'm the guy who keeps 3 chargers plugged into 3 different walls of the same room so I don't run into this issue Xd
@nicocoup LOL That's me too. Every time I forget to bring a charger, I just end up buying a new one at a convenience store, so I have like five or six chargers just floating around at all times.
@danidee I'm not that bad. it's just that I have a galaxy S4 and the it's charging cable is the same as every other one. So I buy a ps4, charging cable. I get wireless headphones, charging cable. I get an electric lighter, charging cable. et cetera, charging cable.
@nicocoup OHHHH yeah, that's a lot better than me lol.