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I need to know what songs these lyrics are from Take it off now girl just take it off (Im a master, baby with your bra) Take it off now girl just take it off (I can help you slide those panties off) Ima beat that pussy like you never felt before Your panty line is finer than your smokey eyeline. Come to my place where I only think about you, because today I think I have to punish you. Haha. Dont unbutton your shirt, because I can see right through you. Im Elastine and you guys are dandruff Ah, oppa, I like it, please hit me a little more
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hahaha omg same!! I remember listening to it when i first got into Bts and i was like so in shock ! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 @LeannePratt
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...this song left me speechless when I heard it.
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OMG that song I couldn't handle it dude omg no xD my God I can't function lol I can never get use to it
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@CallMeMsDragon I couldn't believe my sweet little dimple darling would talk like that...I just couldn't.
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I think it's trouble by Ramon and Jin
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