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as you guys may notice all of my collection boxes (the little icons in that little strip on the screen )I make all of those, and customize the way I want them to look then I realized they would look really cute wallpapers so I decided to start making full-on wallpapers (like for a phone) *Important* if you want me to make your favorite Korean pop star into a wallpaper just comment and I will make one and I can send it to you through my "business kik" I made especially made for sending you guys your wallpapers! if you want one message me your kik and I will get to work!
sure! what group is he from?
@taetaebaozi yes! I can do more than one if you would like! just tell me the stars you want me to do!
@xMangaLover I sure can!
can you do joshua and Vernon from seventeen? my kik is: xMangaLover
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