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Even though these three have different stories when it comes to the women who gave birth to them.
Though deceased, I'm pretty sure their really proud of the men they have become
only slightly surprised they don't have the haircut of death
@Flare4522 Ooohh, the haircut of death. You know I'm not even that surprised anymore bc as soon as I see that hairstyle it's just. Like the first time I watched AoT and saw Erens mom, I literally paused Netflix, stared at the screen and said "You're gonna die in about 10 min. aren't you?"
@MaddyScoop lol yeah ik what you mean sometimes when I start a new anime I check to see if anyone has that hair
Why does narutos mom have red hair and garas mom has blonde hair? Lol
Lmaoo right?!? I was just about to comment that.