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so this is an extra conversation that happens at some point. now question are you afraid to fly? lol hopefully not after this!
"Did you know that you have to land with both feet hitting the ground if you are jumping out of your car and there is an electrical current live? " I questioned looking at namjoon. "Hey something useful to know." Trinity comments. "I know random things." I said. "What do you do if a plane has an electrical current and is struck by lightening?" Namjoon questions. "I would probably vote jumping out of the plane but that would ensure my death. Is there a for sure that I would die on the plane or are we protected enough that it would send a current thru us humans. You know I think if it happened the wiring would fry and the entire plane would go down. I don't think there is any staying alive involved." I explained. "I wasn't afraid to fly before, I might be now." Jimin comments nonchalantly. "We're above the clouds I don't think there's a good chance this would happen." Jin said as if that ensured it wouldn't happen. "Not necessarily. See your under the clouds when you lift off and when your descending so there is a possibility that it could happen. " Trinity said using a different scenario. "At least we would be closer to the ground then when above plus we would probably still be over land so we wouldn't go into an ocean and be eaten by sharks." I added "That got dark and twisted. Why bring sharks into our plane crashing????" Trinity sounded bewildered. I shrugged. "You brought up the chance of getting hit." I stated "You have officially made me afraid to fly." Jimin says once more. "The chance of dying on a plane are less then those dying in a car accident." Namjoon points out. "Or dying in an elevator." Jin adds "Ari don't go there." Trinity shut me up before I could say another way to die. "Can we talk about something else before jiminnie gets scared of leaving the house ever again." Jin said "Okay. Did you know that a mermaid can turn to bubbles?" I questioned. "How?" Jimin questions. "By -" 'Don't say it. " Trinity punched me in the arm making me laugh. "What?" I whined. "But how??" Jimin questions "by dying" namjoon answers for me making me laugh. Trinity punches me again. "What, I didn't say it" I whined rubbing my arm. "You went there" she said. I waited a minute and shrugged. "Yes okay I did" I agreed with a laugh.
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