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As you watch Lee’s back disappear into the crowd, you see Jak and Jiyong start dancing. Kyungil turns you to face him,
“I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what her deal is.”
You smile up at him, take his hand and rub along his ring.
“She doesn’t bother me anymore and this gives me carte blanche to defend you anywhere and everywhere.”
You stretch up on your tip toes and place a kiss on his lips, “Let’s dance”.
Let it never be said that a man who can dance doesn’t know how to control his body. The fluidity of his movements, even while holding you in his arms, takes dancing to a whole new experience. You’ve spent time watching people, especially at dance clubs. You can tell those that are naturals; that have grace and comfort with their body. Your man is definitely one of them. Slow dancing with him is like making love on the dance floor. As you sway to the music, embraced and surrounded by him, you feel pity for Lee. You can understand wanting him back if you were to lose him. You tighten your arms around him, reminding yourself that he is yours and vowing to yourself to do everything possible to keep it that way.
He feels your arms tighten and your mood shift. His arms tighten in response while he whispers in your ear, “You okay? Did Lee affect you more than you thought?”
You shake your head and snuggle in closer, “I’ll explain later”.
He kisses the top of your head, than rests his on top.
When you get back to your place, he comes in and pulls you over to the couch.
“It’s later, ready to tell me?”
You look at him, surprised that he remembered. You smile shyly, embarrassed now to actually put your thoughts into words and give them to him. He tips your chin up, pressing a light kiss to your lips, “You can tell me anything”.
You take a deep breath for courage and open up, “Actually, I’ve started feeling sorry for her”.
He raises his eyebrows in shock, “What? Why? She’s a psycho Jagi”.
“Is she? Or does she just realize what a good thing she had and let slip through her fingers?” You reach over and run your fingers through his hair.
“I just realized while we were dancing, that you’re mine and what a good thing I have in you.” He pulls you over onto his lap, cupping your face.
“I remembered how tortured I felt at the beginning of all this and you weren’t even mine yet. I can’t imagine losing you.”
He pulls your face over and gives you a tender kiss.
“That’s not even an option right now Jagi. I’m not going anywhere now or in the foreseeable future. Saranghae.”
“Saranghae,” you whisper back as his lips find yours once more to seal the promise.
aahhh i love this. they so open with each other
but i dont feel sorry for her. to me she is just an attention grabber
omg so in love wit that man. but i love T.o.P more lol