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So there I was spending my entire day shopping when i stumbled upon the best possible BTS reference. Even though 90% of people will never know what the reference is
LA MAN! Shhhh
I completely lost it in the store and my friend stared at me in confusion. I at that point I proceeded to reenact the entire BTS Bomb for her.
I bought the shirt and I will forever wear it. SO EXCITED lol If you would like to purchase your own click here It is a men's shirt btw :) @armyofkookie @unnieArMkeY @lemonlassie @SimplyAwkward @MichalJamerson
@BrennaTran ahhhh....gamsahapnida! :D <3
@IsoldaPazo http://www.forever21.com/Mobile/Product/Product.aspx?br=21men&amp;category=mens-sweatshirts-hoodies&amp;productid=2000181957&amp;curpage=2 maybe see is this link takes you to it and they should do international shipping. They are all over the world
@BrennaTran oh my...I'll have to go to the capital of my country to check it out..thanks.
@IsoldaPazo I happen to find it in the men's section of Forever 21, have one of those near you? lol
omo omo omo...I would have freaked out too...now how to go about you sending me one? :D