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Hellooo everyone :D this week let's see how we can cheer up this cutie maknae when he's feeling down!
He'd want support from you and if he refused to move from bed you would cuddle and listen to what it is that has him feeling down. Nothing a good heart-to-heart in a warm bed can't solve.
You could give him a special day off where you spoiled him, whatever it is he wanted to do. Even if it meant a lot of sleeping and food, you are glad to see him feel lighter. Taking walks along the beach and just enjoying the fresh air also helped him when he was constantly busy and moving around.
Playing games and goofing around always brings out that cute smile you love so you would do anything to make him laugh. Dancing along ridiculously to songs, showing off aegyo, tickling him, cooking together or anything done together would give him that warmth he wants to feel when he feels down.
Ice cream never fails. NEVER has it disappointed you in lifting up his spirits. Yet the same could be said for any sweets and food that he loved. As long as you were there to listen to him and be there when he needed you he felt comfortable and relaxed again.

How would you cheer up Kookie? <3

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This is a really adorable card and I like the positive message that it sends, especially with the fake dating rumors that might upset Jungkook. I'm pretty sure that all Armys would cheer up BTS if they could.
This was a cute card!! And personally, I suck at trying to cheer people up. I never know what to do and just become an awkward presence in the room. So... However you, @VKookie47, would rock at cheering people up!