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Seriously, my cousin was making fun of me because I liked k-pop and when I got home I cried! STOP!!!!
They hate it because they think people are stupid for listening to a song they dont even understand...They think that everybody knows english? Because the answer is no.. People around the world listen to english songs and sing along to it even they dont really understand but u dont hear them saying (in their language) "Why are u listening to that song? U don't even understand english" Kpop is still a part of the music "world" so whatever haters say, They can't stop us from listening to it just because we don't understand it. sorry for the ranting
@mrsyookihyun I hate when people react to Kpop and they hate it if you hate then DON'T EVEN LOOK AT IT!
because they can't understand them and they think that its a waste of their time just to listen to the music even though its not and they think the guys in Kpop are ugly or not even real or they have too much makeup on even though all celebrity's put on makeup. But its okay if they don't like it . its just their opinion and if they don't like it then they don't but if they make fun of someone who likes Kpop then that means that they maybe do like Kpop but just not telling other people or just being a real jerk.
bec. some people think that just bec. other people don't like the same shit that they do makes their shit better than others. i don't necessarily hate kpop. i just find myself not listening to them bec. of personal preferences (i'm a jrock kind of girl). but if you encounter people hating on what you love just ignore them bec. it is their problem, not yours.
I love Onision, he's so funny and I had to hold in my laugh when he was talking about making out with Jaejoong! Do you know how hard it is to not fangirl in math class??
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