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Proclivity Part 8

Leo takes you home at the end of the day. “You should move in with us, I don’t like you being so far away." He pushes the hair back from your face, "If something were to happen to you, I’m too far away”. You reach up and kiss his lips, “I’m perfectly safe here.” You see his eyes flash and remember it’s a mate thing, so you pat his chest, “But I’ll think about it.” He nods, pulls you close and leaves you breathless with his goodbye kiss. WOW. Too bad you have roommates; you would have liked to drag him inside to finish that. About ten minutes pass and there’s a knock on the door. You secretly smile, hoping that it’s Leo but then frown realizing you can’t feel him. You look through the peephole and find Ravi. You open the door, “Ravi. Hey. It’s pretty late, you okay?” He seems different; you can’t put your finger on it. “Yeah, sorry about the time. Can I come in a minute?” You open the door wider, “Sure”. Just as you shut the door and turn he grabs you. He presses you up against the door and kisses you. You’re shocked and confused. What? Why would he do this, he knows you’re Leo’s mate! You manage to push him away, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. “WONSIK! What the HELL?!?! What’s gotten into you?” He turns away, shaking his head. “I never got to kiss you, I waited too long. I just wanted to see, if maybe I kissed you, if … I don’t know.” “You shouldn’t have done that!” You pause for a minute and your eyes get big and then shut. “Shit. Leo’s on his way. He’s going to kill you.” Ravi laughs and shrugs it off. “He’s my best friend. Yeah, he’ll be pissed I kissed you before he did in this realm but I can handle him.” You shake your head at him, “No Ravi. You really shouldn’t have done that, we’re fully bonded mates now. In this realm too.” Ravi looks over at you, his face paling. “What? When?” He turns away, running his hand through his hair. “Why didn’t you tell me?!?” “You didn’t give me a chance now did you?!?! “ “I need to leave.” You shake your head as he makes his way to the door, “He’s already here. He must have run.” As the last word is out of your mouth there’s a knock on the door and Ravi backs away from it. You look at Ravi with pity and go to answer the second angry knock. Leo pushes past you into the room, going straight over to Ravi and shoving him hard against the wall. His seething words are coming out in a whisper, “How DARE you touch my mate, let alone KISS her! I want to kill you. Do you understand that? I can’t control it Wonsik, the rage is SO strong; you have NO IDEA!” You run over to Leo and grab his arm. “He didn’t know. He kissed me before I could tell him!” He turns his head to you, “And that makes it better? I can smell him on you!” “NO, of course it doesn't! I pushed him away; you know that, I know you felt it or you wouldn’t be here.” You turn him to you, your hands cupping his face, “Nae Salang; you know there is no other. Please, he regrets it, he is our friend.” He stares into your eyes, “It’s too soon. Too soon to let someone touch you, it’s like a branding iron to my heart.” You stroke his face as his eyes close, “Nae Salang. I didn’t let him and he is repentant. Can’t we forgive him?” You wrap your arms around him, reaching up to kiss his lips. “Erase his scent Jagi, help us both forget what happened.” His arms come around you in a crushing grip, his lips bruising yours as he re-establishes his claim. Some may have looked at his fierceness as punishment; however, you found yourself wanting more. More of him; of his smell, his touch, his skin, and his kisses. When he lifts his head, you press your foreheads together. “Gwangsan,” he raggedly states. “Only yours,” you respond. When you get your breath back you turn to Ravi who is still standing where Leo pushed him, his eyes huge, staring at the two of you. “Ravi…” He looks over at Leo, “I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.” He looks back at you, “No one; calms him when he’s angry. No one. Did you cast a spell? Are you a witch or something?” Leo has turned back into your embrace. You rest his head on your shoulder and stroke his back. “I’m no witch Ravi. I’m simply his mate. What he feels I feel and vice versa. I don’t understand it myself;” Leo raises his head and looks in your eyes, “but it’s the best feeling in the world.”
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Omigosh!∩(︶▽︶)∩that's soooo adorable and sexy(∩_∩)can't wait for the next chapter
Oh no, my poor boys. Ravi is so confused and desperate, good thing I can calm Leo down, we're all gonna have to figure this this out together. Loving this story! 💜
I had to read this a couple of times!!! The intensity!!! I feel a little sad for Ravi but Leo is my OPPA sorry Ravi!!!
I about died when he said are you a witch. Really Ravi much happened in that chapter but I loved it!!!!!!!!!