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Check out this chart I found that shows trends in the polarization of the US House of Representatives. Both parties have grown farther from the center, but the Republicans have moved much farther right than the Democrats have left. As a result, the overall chamber has become more conservative than ever. The rankings are based on a study done by professors at Princeton and the University of California.
Yeah, and they're going to reject Obama's immigration bill (or have they already?)... but I wonder how they measured this "Average Ideological Position"?
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interesting! i think i saw a graph on the downward trend of congress's productiveness somewhere....not saying there's a correlation there somewhere...not saying there isn't one... :p
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hahah @leecatlee if you can find it you should post it to the us politics interest!
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@minjaeturtles Its a bipartisan immigration bill, which makes it especially disappointing that the house will reject it!
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Also, I agree that we really can't eliminate bias from a graph like this, but is that ever possible in the social sciences? @minjaeturtles
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