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▪Smut ▪Angst ▪Rated M ▪Foul language ▪BoyxBoy ▪ReaderxIdol

☠Enter with caution☠


What do you do when you find out your best friend is in love with your worst enemy?
A story about Bobby and B.I and your involved! ☆MY PHOTO EDITING! I will be having different cover photo》Need to catch up《 ° Part 10 ° Part 9 ° Part 8 ° Part 7 ° part 6 ° part 5 ° part 4.1 ° part 4 ° part 3 ° part 2 ° part 1 ° preview
The sound of the crowd chanting my name, The shimmering lights and the sound of loud screams of joy that filled in the void. The feeling when the room full of people goes silent and the thrill the moment the curtain go up and it echos...
"If you ever love somebody say yeah!"
The silent breaks as the crowed shouts back "yeah ye-yeah!" and the beat drops as we jump around the stage full of energy and excitement. this will forever be a feeling I'll never get use too. Just like the feeling I felt that night when I laid next to him when I held him in my arms, when the night stars dance along to sound of our love song. Today is the day when our melody will play again and the day fate and destiny will make our path cross again. could it be that fate has given our love story another shot? maybe our chapter wasn't over just yet. YG AUDITION Narrator pov. the sun was blazing hot outside on this one sunday afternoon as people stood in line for yg new boy group try out. The line was long it nearly reaching the other end of the block. It must have been nearly 200 boys waiting to try out and impress the judges. luckily the try out was inside of a building with air conditioning but for the people waiting outside in line underneath the burning hot sun it wasn't so lucky. The heat was so strong that already couple of boy's had already fainted or had a heat stroke but then again they could have pass out from the excitement of meeting Ikon official members. because of the hot temperature YG told his staff to give out ice cold bottle waters and fans that way the contestants could cool themself off a bit. YG also had a buffet ready for those who forgot to eat because of the excitement. so after you've audition your capable of going to get something to eat for free and everyone know how good is YG food. "Hanbin don't forget to fix the lighting on the left side of the stage" an a instructor said to B.I who was carry unchanged mics. "Yeah alright got it let me just set these down on their chargers" B.I response. as he made his way to a room that had all the equipment and props. B.I has been an intern for a company that works on doing lighting and fixing the stages for concert or plays and events of all sorts of stuff. today B.I is to help prepare the stage and lighting for the try out of yg. it's been about a year now that B.I has been doing stage setting and what not, so it's not a big deal to b.i since he has meet alot of famous artist in past already. so helping out YG isn't that much of a big deal. "hanbin don't forget to check all the mic" another instructor order him "Already on it" B.I rushed over to the stage as he pick up the mic. B.I stared at the mic for quiet a while, it's been so long since the last time he held a mic in his hand and stood on a stage. He almost forgot the feeling it brought. B.I actually miss the feeling of it too. "Long time no see" the sudden voice startled B.I, causing him to drop the mic which sent off waves of loud stretching sound through the speakers. B.I quickly pick up the mic as he turns it off. "now we know that mic work" A petite average height boy with lushes light brown, orange curles and white fair skin and a mole under his eye said with a friendly smile. "Hey Jinhwan long time no see how you've been?" B.I greets him with a smile and a hand shake. "I've been good, actually great. I can't believe I'm an official Ikon member!" Jinhwan jumps with joy. B.I smile again with a light chuckles as he watches jinhwan get happy. than suddenly He feel someone jump onto his back. the attack was unexpected as it catch B.I off guard which made him fall a bit forward, losing his balance. "Hanbin!!!!!! I miss you!!" the boy wrap his arms around B.I neck still cling onto B.i back. "Let go- get off- I can't breathe" B.I said with the little oxygen he had. "Oh sorry ahah" the boy said as he got off of b.i and rubbing the back of his neck. "Yunhyeong!!" B.I spreads his arms wide open welcoming yunhyeong for a hug. Yunhyeong leaps onto B.I, wrapping his legs around B.I waist. B.I hugged back holding yunhyeong tightly so he wouldn't fall. they both laugh so cheerfully and warmly, looking like a happy couple when they finally meet again after the husband has been gone for so long in the army. Yunhyeong pulls his head back as he grab B.I face and pulls him in for kiss his legs still wrap around him. B.I let's go of yunhyeong, letting him fall on his ass as B.I wipes his lips with his shirt selve. "Yuck!! Yunhyeong nasty" B.I scolds him "i just miss you so much that I wanted to kiss your face" yunhyeong explains chuckling "kissing a no no stop it" B.I clowns as Jinhwan laugh at yunhyeong falling. "HANBIN!! the lighting how many times do I have to tell you and have you finish connecting each wire of the sound board and the checking each mic" the instructor scold B.I "I'm sorry I'll get started right now" B.I apologize as he made his way off the stage. "Your not getting paid to dilly dally Hanbin don't think you can't get fired just because you've been working here for about 1 year and 4 months now. our expectations of you are way high now don't disappoint" the instructions exclaims. B.I hang his head as he stares at the ground while getting scolded again. The stress levels were high today since it was YG they had to impress, it was never this much of a hassle usually. B.I made his way to the computer and monitoring room as he checked the wire and footage than moving to the lighting and control panel. B.I checked all the sound boards and camera and lights. Finally finishing that B.I head to the lunch area and just when B.I was about to sit and rest he remembered that he had turn off the mic and forgotten to turn it back on. B.I made his way back to the audition room hoping it wasn't too late to for him to turn it on before the try out start. Just as B.I enter the room YG called out the first contestant, in a panic B.I ran up the stage pushing the other kids to the side as he made his way to the mic. B.I let out a sigh of relief after turning it on without realizing eyes were set on him. "Whenever you are ready" YG said without looking up. B.I eyes widen as he realized he was on center stage, not exacty sure what to do B.I stood there clapping his hands together in a awkward gesture as everyone waited for him. B.I look to his right where Jinhwan stood with his arms cross in front of his chest blocking his way out. B.I then look to his left to where Junhoe suddenly appeared to be stand, Junhoe smiled deviously as he waved at B.I. He turns a round to find a wall behind him B.I throat tighten as he gripped the mic tighter and the palms of his hands begin to sweat. YG looks up to see the boys back on him. "if your nervous just by see a small group of people how do you expect to singing in front of thousands of fans in stage" YG said but B.I only stared at the ground without turning "It's okay to be scared at first but trust me once you feel the thrill of the excitement all through your body your going to want more of it" Tablo advised "if you want you can start by looking at the wall at first then slowly Turning to face us" Jiyong suggested "Hurry up we don't have alot of time" CL slurs B.I gulp, lifting his head and looking up at the ceiling. he wasn't sure if it was because of what Tablo said or because he actually miss the feeling of being on stage. whatever it was it made B.I feel the sudden urge to hold the mic firmly and close to his mouth. B.I took one deep breath in and turn around as he pulled his hoody down to cover his face. Letting out a self composed Rap as B.I approached the judges who seem quite expressed with what they heard. He felt the sudden rush as he saw them bob their heads to the beat of his rap and the grins that grow on each of their faces B.I felt satisfy. "Mic check 1 2 my name is B.I!!" He chants YG eyes widen along with GD, CL and Tablo who were shocked and speechless. but they weren't the only one that were surprised, another fellow who overhead through the speakers in the waiting room was never more astonished. the boy ran out of the room and down the wall towards the audition room in a rush and just as he pushed open the door. "removed your hoody" YG damend And just in that moment when B.I removed his hoody from his face and looked up His eyes met the eyes of the boy who had just enter the room. B.I heart skip a beat as he felt a sudden nervousness rush over him. B.I began to touch his chest, gently tapping it as he stood anxiously on center stage his eyes still set onto the boy who look shocked. The boy slowly approach the stage as his eyes were set on B.I who look surprised and a bit sadden. B.i watched slowly as the boy with a serious look plastered all over his face got closer. Finally reaching the stage the boy stood still in front of B.I staring intensely at him as if he was making sure it was really B.I and not just an illusion. how could it be that right now in this very moment B.I is face to face with none other then.... "B-Bobby" ....the love of his life.
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