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So, this isn't my fanfic, but it's an amazing fanfic on Wattpad that I thought I'd share, because it's amazing and brings so many feels. If you have a Wattpad, you can go check it out there, the author is Koneko_Senpaixx and she made a sequel to this one too! It's so good, and I cry everytime! Ok hope you enjoy!
WARNING: Later in the fanfic, there is sex, violence, and mentions of saesangs. These are the major warnings, there may also be other things such as swearing, and other topical issues.
Everyone imagines what it's like to hangout with their favorite movie star or artist. We all wonder what it's like to be part of their world, we think of what life would be like if we actually knew them, how it would be talking to them on the phone when they're bored and have free time. Sometimes we picture how the it would be dating them and making them feel just as special as they make us feel. Taking a step into their world and wanting to stay there, being there when they cry or need to vent, making them laugh and doing all sorts of fun activities. That would be a dream come true...
CREDIT: Koneko_Senpaixx
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