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깜놀 (ggam nol) : 깜짝 + 놀라다

surprised, shocked
Basically, 깜짝 is the expression of being shocked and 놀라다 means ‘to be surprised.’
깜놀 is used when you see something shocking/surprising or face unexpected situations.

빵 터지다 (bbang teojida) : 빵 + 터지다

to burst out laughing
빵 refers to the exploding sound of a balloon/bomb and 터지다 means ‘to burst out / explode.’
빵 터지다 indicates that explosive laughter happens. You can use it when you have a sudden big laugh.

흑역사 (heuk yeoksa) : 흑 + 역사

black past, black history
흑역사 is comprised of the Chinese character 흑(黑) which indicates black/dark and 역사 meaning history in Korean. 흑역사 is literally ‘black history,’ so it is used to describe past incidents people want to forget and don’t want to talk about anymore.