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PS This author is considering a part 2. So dont give up!
You didn’t believe your own eyes, you didn’t believe what the hell was happening right in front of your watery eyes.
You thought it would be a perfect day together, spending some time alone, eating good food, watch him practice and then go home together. It was supposed to be perfect. It was supposed to be a good day.
You wanted to make him happy, you wanted to make him feel more relaxed and not stressed over things too much. You wanted the day to be as lovely and amazing as possible.
Maybe it was too much to ask for, maybe it was too much to expect from him, from an idol with a busy schedule. Maybe you shouldn’t come there at all. Maybe you should’ve just stayed home like always and wait for him.
But you wanted to surprise him. You wanted to make it special since he deserved it. But why did it turn out like this? Was it fated? Was it supposed to happen? Was this your destiny?
It feelt like your lungs were failing, your heart was breaking and your head was spinning. Seeing him with another girl you never thought about him being with broke you apart. The world felt like it collapsed right in front of you.
“Jin” his name left your lips like it was the last word before you took your last breath.
His eyes was big when he saw you, standing there with a bag of food for him. Your best friend was smirking, like she knew this would happen. Like she was planning all of this, because the truth is, she was. She wanted to ruin your perfect life, your perfect relationship. But what did she know? Nothing was perfect. Not now, not ever.
“Y/N- it’s-it’s not what it looks like” Jin said running to your side, grabbing your cold hand in his warm ones. It felt great to feel his warm skin against yours. But at the same time, you felt disgusted. His hands were touching her minutes ago. They were touching every part of her skin, like he used to touch you.
“It’s not…? It’s not what it looks like? Then what does it looks like, Jin? Can you explain that for me? Because I saw everything! I fúcking saw everything and you just have to lie about it right up in my face like I’m pathetic and blind?!” you shouted at him while tears ran down your slightly pink cheeks.
You saw her leaving but your attention was back to him as fast as the door closed. He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking down.
“Please explain what this is if it isn’t what is looks like, please.” you weren’t calm, your head was exploding with questions.
Why did he do that? Why did he throw away a 2 years long relationship like it meant nothing? Did it even mean anything to him at all? Or were you just one of his jokes. One of his stupid girls that everyone kept telling you that you were. Because you seriously felt like one.
“Kim Seokjin, answer my damn question! Do you even know what the fúck you were doing? You were touching her, touching her body! Kissing her lips, like an animal. Like you were in love and wanted her more than anything! Do you know how I feel? Do you?!”
You were hitting his hard chest with your fists, hard. As hard as you could. But it didn’t help. You still felt the pain. The pain was still there, it still hurt. Your heart was still clenching, it was still pounding painfully fast.
“I won’t deny, I did it because I was angry. I was jealous, I was tired, I was mad, crazy, frustrated and so fúcking in love with you, Y/N! Do you know that? Do you think about my feelings? Do you know how I feel when I see you with Park Jimin?” he was talking fast, using his body as he talked to show you how he felt.
His chest was rising and falling up and down. His breathing got heavier and his eyes were red and watery. You never expected him to look this angry, but you didn’t have time to think about it that much because you realized what he just said. Bullshits.
“And you decide to cheat because I hang out with my best friend since my childhood? How low do you think of me? Do you think of me like that? Do you seriously think of me like that, Jin?” you asked him and wiped away your tears that didn’t want to stop.
“I don’t know, Y/N! The only thing I know is that my girlfriend is having a more than friends relationship with her so called best friend! And you know what’s more disgusting? He’s my friend too! We work together! We see each other all the time! I have to talk to him even if the only thing I want to do is punch him! Do you understand what it feels like?”
You let out a humorless chuckle and shook your head.
“More than just friends you said? You sure about that?”
“What? So now you’re denying it too? I can’t believe you, Y/N. It’s so obvious. Yet you’re trying to get away?” he asked you.
“If that’s what you think of me, if that’s what you’ve been thinking of your own girlfriend. If that’s it. Let’s break up. Let’s end things” you said, surprised by how confident you sounded. You thought you were going to fall down, but you didn’t. You held it inside. You didn’t need to show your weakness for him.
“So you can go to him? You’re breaking up with me so you can go to him?! I knew it, I fúcking knew it! I HATE YOU”, as soon as those three words left his lips, you felt like your world collapsed right in front of you.
You felt his shoulder bumped into yours as he stormed out of the practice room, kicking the door as he left.
Could you describe your feelings? Could you describe how you felt at that moment? Could you see back to the moment he said the sentence? Do you even want to think about it?
I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
How could love change to hate in just a matter of second. How could a world turn upside down in such a short period. How could kisses and touches turn into screams. How could a misunderstanding turn into this?
You heard the door to practice room open and quickly wiped away your tears once again.
“Y/N” you heard the boys say. You didn’t turn around, because you didn’t have the courage to see them yet. What if they trusted Jin and would look at you disgusted. Of course they trusted Jin more, they all were like real brothers
“Y/N, turn around” it was Jimin, your best friend. You have known him since forever, he was like your brother. But even him, you couldn’t turn around for him. It was embarrassing enough for you to stand there with food on the floor and sobbing like crazy. You didn’t want them to see you like this too, destroyed because of him.
You felt hands being placed on your shoulders and in the next second, you were tightly wrapped in arms. They all hugged you and said comforting words, saying that everything will be alright. That the truth will come out in the end. That Jin will regret it. That you shouldn’t cry. That you were better than a crying baby.
It was in their arms that you let yourself fall. You let yourself fall down. You let your feelings out, you let your tears run down freely without worrying, because you had your friends. You had people that cared. You had people that trusted you.
“Everything will be alright” they whispered.
But will it? Will everything be alright?

CREDITS: bangtanboysoneshot7

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There's no way this is over!!!! There's got to be a part 2
*dramatically drops tho the floor and curls into fetal position* why it gotta angst week???
seriously Jin that's messed up he probably heard from her "friend" and believed it
Please make a part 2
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