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Yixing slaying fangirls hearts 😍😍😍

Ok I know this is kinda late but....YIXING FINALLY GOT ONE OF HIS COMPOSITIONS OUT!!!!! And it is ranked no. 1 on Vcharts, iTunes Taiwan, Singapore and many other countries Ahh my baby is dominating the charts
Those high notes... What is SM doing hiding this much talent??? The guy can sing, rap, dance, compose, produce...he is the golden member of EXO

Check out Yixing's Monodrama MV

The song is truly beautiful and full of emotion...the song actually talks about how pathetic he is feeling after being left alone...the song actually made me feel like I'd gone through a tough break up lol
ahhhhhh my baby lay me down so good can't stop listening to it😎😎😎😗😙😘😍😝😗
I'm just glad Lay finally got the chance he's been asking for a while now. I'm so proud of my unicorn.
loved this song I was lost in his voice and died on. his high notes this song was on repeat for like an hour
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