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"No, you're not supposed to do it like that! You have to be aggressive!" After a long day of packing my bags stuffed with more items than Wal-Mart I probably wouldn't need while preparing for my flight, sleep sounded sounded inviting. But here I was, on a plane seated next to a twelve year old playing Grand Theft Auto with him. He wouldn't stop talking ever since I sat down, asking if I wanted to play a game with him. He talked so fast, I felt like I needed subtitles just to understand what he was saying. And thought, if that would shut him up, why not? But sadly, I was wrong. "But I don't want to punch her to steal her car, that's mean. Isn't there a nicer way to steal a car?" I asked, confused. I knew nothing about games, except the ones that involved Fuck, Marry, Kill. I just couldn't hit the poor lady even though it was just a game. For all I know she could be rushing to get some food after a long day of work surrounded by annoying people. And me punching her wouldn't help her get there any faster. "The world isn't a fair place. If you want something, you gotta get it yourself," Venus Flytrap said with an excited gleam in his eyes, as if he was getting turned on just by talking about video games. I almost expected him to dart out his tongue to catch a fly to suck it into his game throne nest, which I could relate to since I felt like a fly right now. "I know, but-" "Look, do you want the car or not?" Venus Flytrap said impatiently. He took games more serious than me when it comes to food. I hope five years from now, I don't see him on the front cover of National Geographic. With a headline that says, "The Modern Flytrap, New Deadly Species. And a caption underneath that says mouth carries more video games than the latest technology. Boys and girls, lock up your video games and tuck in your X-Box 360 with you every night. You don't know what he's capable of." I turned to my boss who sat behind me, one of the reasons why I was sitting here. Help me, I mouthed desperately. He just smirked and mouthed back, sorry you're on your own while slipping in his earbuds and closed his eyes. I mentally gave him the middle finger since I had to keep it rated G for the kid's sake. As a videographer, travelling was like a second home and was introduced to many places the world offered. Not as a sightseeing trip, but for work. And currently, on my way to Korea to help shoot a kpop group called Monsta X's upcoming music video, Hero. Only seeing Korea on Google images, memes, and magazines, I knew nothing about the country or kpop. When I first heard the word, I thought it was an unknown party drug I'd never learned in health class. Seriously, if there's a Kpop Guide For Dummies, I'll buy it for $20 maximum, since I'm cheap as fuck and not rich. Unless you count eating rich foods. Plus, the only Korean I could speak were the few phrases I managed to pick up in some kpop videos. And with the sexiness and unique creativity involved, I can see why it's eye candy. "Well?" Venus's voice drew my attention back to the game. And for the next two hours, Venus Flytrap became my gaming sensei and was transformed from a video game virgin, to a yellow belt in progress. I was so absorbed by the game, I accidentally broke the game control button when I got a little too excited to high-kick a man who was standing in my way to get his car. "Sorry, kid, looks like no more games for me." I said sadly, but was secretly relieved. My hands were so sore, I felt like I needed a hand massage. "It's okay, my mom stopped buying game controllers since I've broken at least twenty," he reassured. Then he went on a rant about shit on top of other shit I zoned out on, my mind was going cross-eyed trying to keep up with what he was saying. His voice was interrupted by the sound of a food cart passing by. "Is there anything I can get for you? Anything you need and I almost guarantee I have it." A perky flight attendant asked, pointing at an array of food. I need to get laid, I wanted to say. But I'm pretty sure the menu didn't supply that. So instead I placed my order with a root beer. "Can I have a Big Mac?" Venus asked. "Sorry, but we don't carry that. Would you like chicken nuggets instead?" She suggested. "But I want McDonald's," Venus pouted. "Look, kid, the nearest McDonald's is over 1,000 kilometers below this plane. So unless you have a parachute, you're not getting a Big Mac anytime soon." I stated bluntly, tired of his whining. His lips started to pucker while his eyes closed, poised to cry. And one thing I can't stand is crying. The crying always gets to me and have the urge to shove them candy just so they can leave me alone. That's why it's better I remain childless, because I have a feeling I'd turn my kid into a diabetic before he learns to talk by feeding him a bottle of coke just to shut him up. And then I'd feel guilty because he'd be forced to eat sugar-free candy which is a mockery of the real thing. And who would want that? I shuddered just by thinking about it. "Can I get two icecreams please?" I asked. If icecream didn't make the kid happy, I don't know what would. 'Cus anything involving sugar is life. Plus, it's the closest thing to a sleeping pill, instantly making you tired, which was my plan to enjoy a moment of silence while Venus was asleep. "No problem," she said, handing us our food. Thirty minutes later, the sugar kicked in and Venus' s voice was replaced with a yawn. Finally, I could savor peace. "Where are you going?" Venus suddenly asked. Dammit, this kid was more relentless than Dora the Explorer asking the audience who barely knew how to form sentences how to get somewhere when it was right behind her. No wonder she got lost easily. She should've used GPS. "Seoul, Korea." "Really? Me, too! I love their food," Venus shouted excitedly. I closed my eyes and mentally chanted there's no place like bed, because I wasn't ready for this shit. "What food do you recommend?" I asked. Since he knew about their food, I mine as well let him be my personal food network channel. "Korean food. Duh," he answered slowly as if I just asked him what 1+1 equaled. "Okay," I said with a sigh. I'd be better off searching Wikipedia. "I'm visiting my grandma who's sick and wanted to give her a Big Mac because they always make me feel better when I'm sick." He said. Now I felt like an asshole for denying him his Big Mac rights. "Hey, kid, where's your mom?" I asked curiously. She had to have been somewhere nearby or at least checked on him at some point. "She's over there." He pointed to a row in the far left corner of the aisle with a woman tapping furiously on her phone and smiling at the screen. "Why isn't she sitting with you?" "She said she doesn't want to deal with people right now and that she doesn't want me bugging her since I talk too much," he smiled sadly. I'd be lying if that didn't make me feel bad. And now, I started to realize why he talked so much was because he wanted someone to fill in what his mom shoved away. He just wanted attention. "Well, I'm stuck with you for 10 hours, so you mine as well get used to me. I've been told I tend to talk too much." I said with a smile. He laughed. "You're funny. I'm glad I met you and became my new friend," he smiled softly and shortly fell asleep snuggled against my shoulders. Normally, I'd complain, but he looked so peaceful, I didnt want to wake him up to tell him to sleep on his own side. "Me, too." "Five minutes until landing," a female's voice projected on the loudspeaker. I shook Venus awake. "We're almost there," I whispered excitedly. I looked out the window and was greeted by beautiful scenery that looked like something from a sightseeing magazine.
I didn't know whether to be happy or in need of a butt reliever hot pack my ass was so numb, I questioned if it was still there. "Where? McDonald's? Finally, I've been craving a Big Mac since Obama became president. I don't see a line, so it must be empty." He mumbled. "Open your eyes and you'll see for yourself." This boy and his dedication to Big Macs I'll never understand. But sometimes it's better not to question why. He sleepily rubbed his eyes and peeked one at a time. "Oh, just humans," he frowned disappointedly, closing his eyes again. "Wake me up when we're actually at McDonald's." I just couldn't with this kid anymore. "I'll buy you a Big Mac once we get there," I offered sweetly, though chances were, this would be the last time I'd see him. But kids will believe anything. "Promise?" He said, instantly wide awake. This kid had no chill when it came to food. "Promise." I lied. Desperate times called for desperate measures. And besides, I wouldn't want him to end up in Alaska sleighing with polar bears all because I didn't wake him up. I was just looking out for him. Ten minutes later, I was carrying my luggage and walking down the flight of stairs and into the beautiful unknown, my boss, Ryan and the rest of the video set crew behind me. "Wait!" A voice I'd familiarized with since the start of take off shouted. I turned around and saw Venus run up to me, almost out of breathe. "I want you to have this." He handed me the game controller in which I went King Kong on the button I attacked. "To keep as a memento of our friendship. And to remind yourself that you suck at games." He added noticing my confusion. I chuckled, touched by how sweet this kid was managing to hand me a gift and insult me at my lack of gaming skills at the same time. "Thanks, kid." "My name's not kid, it's Jae." He said, annoyed. "Well, Jae, Im Kadya. It was nice meeting you and I will hold onto this game controller as if it's my last slice of pizza." I vowed while crossing my fingers. His mother stood beside him, still tapping away at her phone since we boarded on flight. I was tempted to ask her if she found a new app where you can download food, because if so, I'd be tapping happily away at my phone downloading it, too. "Don't forget your promise," he reminded me as waved goodbye, walking away. "That's an interesting kid," Mark, one of the set designers, commented. We were on our way to meet up with the music video director after landing and was supposed to look out for a man holding an X poster. But so far, I saw nothing but food in my mind. An older man shoved me while passing by, causing my game controller to fall on the ground. "Find the needle under my haystack of fuck you too, bitch!" I yelled, bending to retrieve my latest prized possession hoping it wasn't scratched. After all, it was a free gift. What hurry could that asshole be in anyway? The asshole turned around, wide-eyed. Yeah, I'm sexy, bitch. As sexy as an orangatan's legs. Get a good look at this, I said in my head. "I'm so sorry! She didn't know." Ryan apologized at the stranger, bowing profusely. I didn't know what? That I'd end up beating his ass before seeing the rest of Korea? He and the man exchanged a few words and turned to me. When I glanced at what the man was holding, that's when everything sunk in. "Zadya, I'd like you to meet Nam Yi, the music director you'll be working with for the next few weeks."

Oooh, damn. What a perfect way to make a good first impression to someone she'll be seeing for a while. First impression of Zadya? Did it leave you in big mac suspense? And will Zadya keep her promise? Hope you enjoyed. Til next time, sugacubezz is jimin out.