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From the site: "BKK Architects have designed the Enclave House, located in Melbourne, Australia. The extension to this heritage residence required clever solutions and planning in order to overcome the restricted inner-city site. Formally, the extension at the rear is ‘carved’ from a solid block, chiselled away, to let light into the interior of the residence. Deep reveals to the upper floor windows shield the gaze from the surrounding neighbours. This also gives the residence a profound sense of containment, like a protective cocoon. The private courtyard garden links the studio space with the main residence. The landscape has been manipulated to frame the views between the two."
@sardonyx What kinds of designs do you want? Are you going to be building a house soon and want to see some designs or stuff like interior decorating? Thank you! :)
thank you @yinofyang i really love all your fesign.posts.mwahhhh
yinofyang can you give me some designs for my two story house.how about you email me pincode2179@yahoo.com
@SabeenM Thanks so much, Sabeen. (。’▽’。)♡ I'm really glad you enjoy them, which reminds me. I need to upload a lot more. (^_^)
I love all your architecture/ interior design posts They're so beautiful to look at!