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Super Talented Photographer Kah Kit Yoong "The last shoot on my series of New Zealand workshops in October. A full moon illuminated the peaks of Mt Cook and Mt Tasman. Thanks to everyone for their support on 500px this year."
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it is hard to point out which one is the reflection, and which one is the real one
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@JohnLee @GarrusVakarian @happyrock @Tapsamai It is definitely a beautiful image, though I'm pretty sure it's a composite. The photographer didn't share his processing method. @Goyo Thank you, Goyo. Yes, I am a photographer myself. I usually curate them from 500px or Flickr. Nearly all of the photos have sources or you can click on the image directly that will take you to that photographer's page. (^_^)
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Wow great ~~!
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goodness just wonderful
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