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they are soooooo sexy!
isn't enough to have the chance see so ji sub instead choi daniel?...:)
romance? i don't think k-drama would leave that one aspect behind. Well, you do make me think. Almost all kdrama that So Ji Sub played before either have tragic ending or just hanging (not happy not sad). But, as long as the plot is good, even if it's tragic, i'll followed it
no romance? that's the deciding factor for me lol. i just feel like it might have a tragic ending >_<
LOL you got me!!!!! no no, just kidding :p if you love suspense, action, and thriller, i would recommend it. What i like is, this drama is about cyber crime which is very connected with everyday life, since nowadays we all dependent with cyber world. But, it just only 2 episode, let's see where it would go...
@supernovah, are you sure your not working for Ghost marketing team? lol is this drama intersting? I havent seen the first 2 eps yet. would you recommend it?
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