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The rooms atmosphere was dull. The only sounds that were heard was her heavy breathing and tears. Chanyeol couldn't understand what has been going on. With her in his arms at that very moment, she looked more fragile than ever. Her skin was becoming pale, her hair was a complete mess and her weight didn't look too good. It seems that she had been suffering more than Chanyeol had. His mind started running and guilt started to set in. His thoughts because puzzled a he held her in his arms and ran his fingers through her hair and whispered "deep breaths" in efforts to calm her down. Her tears slowly came to stop and her breathing became normal again. It was as if it was only her and Chanyeol in the room, until the voice of the other person hit Chanyeol's ears. "Why are you here Chanyeol? what makes you think that you can come into my hous-" "Correction Kris, this is my house. i fucking paid for it. You're just temporarily living here. Honestly i don't even know why. You left Exo, made your own money. Why the hell are you living with my ex fiancé? You always tried to one up me, so this had to be your last resort? You took advantage and swooped in when she was vulnerable and you're an asshole for that." "what the hell Chanye-" "No shut up, I'm not done talking.You know nothing about her. You didn't even know what to do when she had the first episode around you and you had the fucking audacity to call me after how long? Not to ask about how I'm fucking doing, but to ask what you should do when something like that happens to her, and i fucking told you. Yet when i walked in here you were fucking pacing back and forth like an idiot stuck on loop. Do you know how much danger she's in when she's in that state? Do you know what could happen to her?" Kris' silence just made Chanyeol angrier, but answered his question clearly. Chanyeol placed her down on the bed and covered her. "Kris. Just get out before i throw you out myself." "Why do you even care about her? she didn't care enough to reply to your little letters did she?" Kris uttered with a tone of pure evil. Chanyeol's face became emotionless. Questions in his mind started to rise. How did kris know about the letters? Was he the one reading them? he couldn't have because she replied and she met Chanyeol at the coffee shop... Then it all clicked. Kris had been intercepting the delivery. Thats why Chanyeol hadn't been receiving her letters. Rage was coursing through Chanyeol's veins. Never had he felt so mad, so deceived. Chanyeol rushed over to Kris, grabs his collar and slams him against the wall. "You're the one thats been messing with her letters?! What the fuck is wrong with you?" No words came out of Kris' mouth and only a smirk remained. "Now you decide to keep quiet?" "Chanyeol. You really want to know the truth? I couldn't help myself, she's so beautiful. once you fucked up and wasn't there to protect her, someone else had to right? Plus, she was all over me when we hooked up. Did she tell you how we actually ended up together?" Kris said as he chuckled, only causing Chanyeol to tighten his grip. "She's not what i thought she was when you first introduced us to her. You introduced her as if she was the sweetest and most innocent person in the world. But Chanyeol, did you know that your little foreign girl is really a huge slut? i mean she went down on me the first night we actually hung out." Chanyeol's face was becoming red with anger and his hand moved from the collar of Kris' shirt to around his neck and slammed his head against the wall to stop his chuckling. Chanyeol pulled kris close and whispered "You see that girl over there, she's the only thing protecting you from me kicking your ass right now. If it wasn't for her, i would have thrown you down the stairs and beaten you half to death. You're dead to me. Delete our numbers we won't nothing to do with you. After today i will be changing the locks. She will know how much of an asshole you really are. Now, before i call the police get the fuck out." Chanyeol loosened his grip on kris and went back to sit next to her. "Whatever you say Chanyeol. enjoy your little slut, you can't teach an old dog new tricks and you can't make a hoe a housewife." Those were kris' final words as he left Chanyeol in the room with her. Chanyeol settled down in the bed with her and placed her head to rest on his arm as he pulled her body against his. It had been many months since this last happened, but he felt a lot calmer than he was before. He finally felt as if he belonged here. "Princess, I'm sorry i left before. could you find the ability to forgive me for leaving you in the rain? I don't know what happened to me that night but i think I'm better now. I found out why i haven't been receiving your letters but the reason doesn't matter right now. I know these words are only between me and the walls around us but i must know, whats been triggering these episodes? I know you only get them when you're stressed and in fear. I'm sorry that when you first became an idol that the traumatizing event of being stalked and kidnapped made you this way. Are they happening because you miss me like i missed you? If it is, you don't need to miss me anymore because ill be right here and I'm not leaving you. I know what I did was inimical. But now we can finally move forward from that. Ive really missed you and i never stopped loving you. Now i have hopes that i can start a life with you, fulfill the plans we made and make this cold house a home. Everything will be alright. my contract ends soon, so we can actually live here and have a life here. if not this can be our vacation home and we can buy a house in Korea. We can do anything you want. I just want you to know that i really and truly do love you. i know its pointless to ask because you're sleeping but....I hope you'll be mine again." With his final words of the night, Chanyeol placed a kiss on her forehead and finally laid his head down to properly sleep for the first time in months until her voice caused him to open his eyes again... "What took you so long Chanyeol?"  End A/N: This was my first Exo fanfic and I really enjoyed writing it. The countless nights I'd stay up and write like tonight. This will be marked as completed, but every now and then ill so little updates on their relationship and how their future turns out. Thank you to everyone that read it!
Omg yess this was a very well done fanfiction I loved it!
Thank you for an enjoyable read. Keep up the good work!