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Okay, thats the last straw!!!!! 😠😠
I was going to just scroll past it but couldn't help it.. Rap Monster is honestly so so handsome! I adore him just like i adore the rest of the memebers and if anyone calls them ugly and on top of that directly tweets it to them are just plain rude and should be ashamed of themselves, and this goes for all idols and people in general if you think they are "ugly" keep it to yourself.. its called manners. ~~♡
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Rap Mon is adorable and handsome, why would someone call him ugly. That person deserves to be called ugly, cause of their ugly heart. (I'm like half awake lol trying to stay up)
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omg what is happening in the fandom rn? I hear there's also drama with Jungkook. I hope they're fine :(
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the day rap monster is ugly will be the day I stop eating pizza. and we all know that's never going to happen
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Before I knew who he was I kept hearing about people calling him ugly, so I looked him up to see what he looks like and I was like "what are you talking about, he's adorable!" :'3
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Why are people in Kpop considered ugly and told that they are hurting the groups image; when in fact they are quite handsome or pretty. And why does it always have to be pale skin!?!?!?? Like seriously i am Jealous of N of Vixx dark skin! It's gorgeous! Namjoon was the first member of BTS to catch my attention and he is my bias (for the most part. I mean come on tae and kookie?😏) But seriously he gets so much crap along with other idols and it's ridiculous! I want to go to SK and create my own company where telling someone they are ugly with or without makeup is not allowed and they will be fired on the spot! Namjoon is handsome and talented maybe they are just jealous? I don't understand why some of the kpop fans in SK (and other places) are such bullies. Sry rant over.
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