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Hello everyone!!

Iam reaching out as your


Hope everyone is having a great time this long weekend..I

this announcement is to ask my fellow members and follower of

This Awesome Community to read the Vingle guidelines.

So far I haven't come across any difficulty this Community is Awesome can't complaint.

But I usually do a walk through the community everyday..nothing out of the normal as usual. .but I do like everyone to read this..

Another thing, I would like to remind all of you awesome members of Vingle community.. that MOST of the Kpop Boys or Girls group we all LOVE so much have their own Community where you can publish their cards there..

for example...If you publish A GOT7 Card on BTS Community even if ARMY love GOT7 too ..the card is irrelevant to the community. .

So Guys try to publish your cards to the community it belongs..this way we will always keep the Harmony of this awesome big family that Vingle is.



well keep having fun everyone


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I understand what you are trying to say .It just tha sometimes in certain post the photos mixed up so If I saw one of the there are G Dragon and other group member I just dump then in the Kpop community. sorry for long post . You are the Kpop community Moderator so I have to put down my unhappiness of what happened few days ago. Please bring up this matter so it will not happen agin in future.
@luna1171 ok thx
@EmmaJolie that is fine..if they mentioned or they have GOT7 included is fine..In our community of course
@aliahwhbmida but I totally understand.. you should find out who is the moderator there and send her/him a messege..
@aliahwhbmida I am the GOT7 community moderator.. that's why I suggested you should reach out for the KHJ? community Moderator..because I have no idea of those problems. I usually don't visit that community and even if I did I am not the moderator there..
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