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A/N: I'm sorry that I take long, but I'm finally getting on it! I had no ideas going in my head at this point, but I'm doing it now! I may have made a reference to House of Cards XD and I'm sorry if I'm wrong about only Jin being the cook in BTS. Who knows, the others could probably cook for
Shall we get onto it? Remember, we're continuing from where we were last chapter!
Previously on Chapter 2, Greeted...
"Hm? Did you say something?"
"We're nothing special? Don't be sure about that"
"Really? Good observational skills there"
"Hmm? You care about such a thing?"
Yena POV
"What are you guys here for?", I say to them. "Nothing really, we're just wondering around and Jimin said he heard your voice over here...". The blonde haired man says. I mentally facepalm myself. They thought we were in trouble and came here? Well, it's not like we asked them to anyway. "Nothing's happened, we're fine", I said. "Let's leave them alone for now", the mint haired man says. "Good night, you two. Especially you, Yena". Jimin says. Something's weird, but I can't think why though. "I get it already, hurry up and go". I say sighing, motioning him to go. They disappear into the distance until we can't see them anymore. "Yena, isn't Jimin being too kind, especially on you?", Sooyeon says after we've gone back into the house. "I don't think he's doing that genuinely and I still don't trust him, plus there are sayings that broken trust can't be fixed easily", I say to her. "That's true, we can't let our guard down, can we?", Sooyeon says back. "Let's just focus on getting to sleep now...", I say after yawning.
Jimin POV
We were getting ready for bed, when I heard Yena's voice telling something or someone to stay away from her. I wait until the others are asleep so I can check what's going on over there. The only supernatural thing about me is that I can go through walls. At first I didn't like having it, but I got used to it eventually. When I get to Yena's room, I see her in bed, panting. I feel sorry for her now, she's even sweating off her forehead! I decide to cool her head down with a cold hand towel. I go into the bathroom and find a hand towel sitting on a rail. I should use this then. Hope she doesn't mind someone like me taking care of her though...wait, is she trembling? I should wipe the sweat off her forehead then try to calm her down. Sorry Yena, don't take this the wrong way! Please, just calm my relief, she stops trembling and calms down. Crap, I'm getting sleepy too...
Yena POV
Hours into my sleep, I feel somebody near my bed. As I open my eyes slightly to see who was disturbing...HUH!? Why is he in here...IN MY BED?! It was Jimin who had to wake me up with his presence, arms wrapped around me like I was already his. But no, we aren't a thing yet plus I'm sure I wouldn't fall for him. But as strange as it is, being cuddled by him isn't that bad as it seems. I go to sleep once again with Jimin (who is still hugging me and I presume he's not going to move till morning comes). I bet he's not going to be there anyways...wait, why am I concerned about that!? Ok, I'll just sleep...ugh.
The next morning was what I didn't think of seeing with my own eyes. I wish I was still asleep... Excuse me!?
Surprisingly, I woke up to see Jimin half naked checking himself out with the mirror. He doesn't notice that I've gotten up! I get up feeling tired as usual, but first things first...GET OUT OF MY ROOM! and so I kicked out Park Jimin from the house (for now though). I throw his things at him before shutting the door in his now dumbfounded face. Now he should know what he's done wrong to face those circumstances. Boys should never snuggle up with a girl they first meet, both genders need to be comfortable with each other for this to happen. That's what I think. Sooyeon comes down after hearing the ruckus and says, "Yena, are you ok?!". "Yeah, just had to kick out a bug", I say, not mentioning that a half naked Jimin was in my room. "Let's just get changed and eat breakfast", I say. "I'll make breakfast, as usual", Sooyeon says while nudging my arm. "Thanks" is all I say to her before heading to my room again.
Sooyeon POV
After Yena goes to her room, I start preparing breakfast when a pair of hands come up from behind me. "Be careful when using the knife, you could cut yourself if you're not looking". I turn my head around and see the blonde haired man we met outside last night. "You're from last night! Err...". I don't know his name! "I'm Jin, you?", he says to me. "Sooyeon. Ha Sooyeon. Are you here to help me out?", I say to him. "Yeah, thought you'd want a helping hand. My boys are always hungry in the mornings too.", He says. I smile and say "Thanks! It's hard enough making breakfast for two, but seven people? I wouldn't imagine that". Jin laughs, agreeing with what I said. "I know right? I'd wish they'd cook for themselves." This time I laugh at his statement.
Yena POV
That's strange, why did Jimin bother coming over here when he could've slept with the boys he hangs out with? Does last night mean anything or am I thinking too much? good, I can't think of anything while I'm hungry. I should finish getting changed and head downstairs.
What I see when I go downstairs is definitely out of the ordinary.
"Morning!", the blonde haired man says. "W-why are you guys here?!", I say to them surprised. "We'll eat with you two so don't worry! You can sit next to Jimin though?", the red haired man says pointing at him. "I don't mind you guys coming here but what about you, Yena?", Sooyeon asks me.
YN: How am I supposed to answer this? Should I share my worry with the man who was half naked? I turn my head to Jimin, who was eating macaroni cheese for breakfast.
JM: (Admitting he was half naked at that time) Did you wake up after I used your bathroom? I tend to go for a shower in the mornings...
YN: Now that'd be damaging if he does that everyday... I did. You didn't notice till I told you to get out.
JM: ...I'll explain why I was in there later. Just answer her.
"Sure, I don't mind as well, we'd better hurry or we'll be late", I say back. Everyone nods at my words while I turn to Jimin again to remind him from the mind.
YN: Don't forget what you just said.
JM: I know. I plan on telling you soon.
At first I didn't like Jimin reading my mind, but I might be getting used to it now. I could communicate with him internally even with everyone around. I might be able to trust him eventually...
At least I ended it quite peacefully, should I say.
To be continued in Chapter 4!