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The boys kept bickering over the smallest things. Nari was glaring at me, while she ate. She wasn't happy that I had their attention. Hyuk Joon though, had actually warm up to me.
Luckily, Areum liked me from the start. Made me feel more welcome and at home though. I have siblings too, though I am the youngest. As well as the only girl too. I could live with one of my cousins not liking me.
I watch Jiyong and Jay most of the time anyways. Once dinner had ended, the three of us went to the living room to talk. My aunts orders though, since they were here for me. "What happen when I passed out?"
That was my first question I asked, before sitting in the single seat. Jay and Jiyong ended up sitting at opposite ends of the long couch. "You mostly just fainted, though you're the only one that knows why. You were perfectly fine, except for the breathing problem."
Jay answered my question, while I looked at them both. "I'm not going to be the reason you two aren't friends anymore I can easily stop talking to you both if I have to." I may not of been one of those crazy big fans, but I did know those two were homies.
They both looked at me, and then at each other. Jiyong got up and walked over to me. He sat on the arm of my chair, and pet my head. "Baby boo, you don't worry. No matter what we're be friends."
Jay took my hand since he was sitting close to me. "Just think of it as brothers bickering." I see my threat to drop them both actually did bother them. I half excepted them to up and bounce, not stay.
"The moment my friendship with you both effects your friendship with each other, I'm out." They both nodded their heads as I held both their hands. Jay's was so warm and welcoming.
Made him feel like he was home. Jiyong's was actually though a bit cold, but very secure, and comforting. He felt like autumn to me, that season you love cause of the hot days and cold night.
I was worried where this would lead me, but it made me curious. Yet, it was cut short because burning sensation started again. Causing me to take back both my hands to cough.
I started to gasp for air in the middle of the coughing fit. "Luci!" Jay stood up as Jiyong rubbed my back. Jiyong cold hands felt nice, but it wasn't helping much. My family came running in, as I started to see more red hues than other colors. "Move away from her the both of you!"
My uncle Mark shouted as he pulled them away. I slid off the chair and on my knees. "We need a demon right now." Ju Kyung came running in with another man, in seconds. The other man had hair so long, that it nearly covered his face.
I saw huge white wings on his back. "Even better! An angel can help too." Ju Kyung didn't hesitate to be my side. I cough while looking up at him. My back though started to hurt like someone was cutting me. I scream out in breathless agony.
I glance up, and noticed Jiyong had move far away from me, as his eyes glowing a bright blood red. I felt my shirt starting to stick me my back. In seconds, Jay move in front of me and pulled me into his embrace.
My chin rest on his shoulder, while he ripped the back of my shirt off me. "She not 25, why is this happening?" Ugly duck asked completely confused. "Technically in Korea this is her 25th year. So she is 25 in this country."
Daesung answered the open question. I used Jay's shoulder to muffle my cries of pain. He petted my head gently. I could feel some of the pain fading away slowly. Then I heard a heavy grunt.
"Jay you know what you're doing could kill you." My uncle finally spoke up. "She in too much pain, and apparently I'm be the only one willing to help ease it for her." I wrap my arms around his waist, but the pain came rushing back, before I could do anything else.
I must have three Jay off, because he stop doing what was taking the pain away. I could feel my back being ripped open from the inside. I started to notices something I could move.
The burning pain that started to take my air again, was canceling out all my thoughts. A cold hand with a cloth brush against my back. I heard water dripping into water. "Really? Cleaning off the blood?"
Jay sounded like a jerk, as he question the person touching my back. "Its cold water too, it will dull out the burning feeling, and allow her to breathe." I heard Daesung answer but he was no where near us.
"Is she gonna be okay though? I didn't know demonic awaken was this painful." Areum finally spoke , while I felt myself being lifted off Jay, and gentle being help to lay down on my stomach.
A set of hands moved the ripped clothing completely off my back. There where was a cold set cleaning blood, and one holding my hand while petting my head. "Luci-ah, I'm sorry but it seems your body having trouble setting your wings free. I'm gonna have to guild you, but its gonna make the pain worse."
I could tell the person was talking was Daesung, but all I could do was nod that I understood. "Okay if you can take a deep breath." a set of hands touch what was ever coming put my back.
The second they did, I try my best to take a deep breath. The hands moved fast, and wrapped their fingers around the structure. In moment the structure was pulled firmly and I felt like I was slice open.
The pain was so unbearable, and resulting in my screaming at the top of my lungs. The burning sensation dominated and i know I blacked out...
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Holy crap! Wow poor girl has to go through all that pain! Are they pulling her wings out of her back?! Ouchie!!
Damn!! I can't believe they had to set her wings free... That shit sou fed so painful. But Damn that was a good episode... I can't wait to see where this goes