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Song I'd most likely go to jail behind

Bloodah by Dafina

Idk how I found this, was randomly watching music videos on YouTube and came across a recommendation to check this out, and ever since have been playing it non-stop. That's the perk about accidentally finding something, it end up being the best mistake-no, not even a mistake, but fate's hot sauce. Very dark but sexy, this is the type of song to play when you're done playing simon says with the obstacles that hold you down and electrifies you in the best way, resurrecting energy, proof that not everything is shitty in life. This is def one of those songs I can picture just being done with life and singing along while sitting along the curb of a Grocery store's parking lot. And people would call the cops because of disturbance by 3rd degree kermit the frog on drugs singing. And even as the police come by and warn me to go away or I'll end up in the back of their police car, I'm so into the song, I barely realize they're there. And even as I'm being hauled off to the police car while they announce I have a right to remain silent, I ignore their warnings and blast the song out for everyone to experience the Lyrical Gangsta for themselves. And suddenly the cops pause midway of handcuffing me and drop the handcuffs in amazement of the lyrics that seduced their ears. Instead, they place their badges on the front of the car, retiring as officers and get on top of the car and dance along as I join them, creating a mini concert in front of a Grocery Store. After, they turn to me and pat me on the back as they thank me for letting them experience the Lyrical Gangsta fine china as they walk away with the title of the song etched in their brains and blast it inside the car and speed away.
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