can you tell who's who?
Soups the leader-scoups/Choi Seungcheol Too fab to be dude-Jeonghan Husband material-Hong JiSoo/Joshua Chineese meme-Wen Jun Hui Naega Hosh-Hoshi Sweater Paws Sloth-Wonwoo Sugar fetus-woozi Angelic sunshine-DK/Dokyeom/Seokmin Bless-Gyu-MinGyu Bboy cutie-Minghao/D8 Boo-yonc茅-Seungkwan Meme kid-Choi Hansol/Vernon MJ's incarnate-Dino Let me know if I got any of them wrong and I'll fix it for you!
@MaggieHolm bboy cutie-minghao sweater paws-wonwoo mj-dino suga fetus-woozi
Comment has been fixed@minimanim3
Angelic Sunshine-Jeonghan Bless-Gyu-Mingyu? Chinese Meme-Jun? Boo-Yonce-Seungkwan Husband Material-Joshua Meme Kid-Vernon Naega Hosh-Hoshi MJ's Incarnate-Dino? Soups the Leader-S.Coups Suga the Fetus-Woozi Sweater Paws Sloth-Wonwoo? Too Fab to Be Dude- Jun? Bboy Cutie-DK?
Chinese Meme-The8