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God by Jimin feat. N J. Don
Puss by Jimin feat. Iron
Can we have a moment of silence for the asses that are currently wearing a sling and in the intensive care unit as a result of 3rd degree burns of the stripper-like beats and layer on top of layer savagery she delivered more flavor than pizza delivery in one day? Discovering her from a video a friend showed me of the top kpop mashups of 2015, when I came across one mashup in particular where she made the word puss her own and made eye contact with you as if to say, I know you like this, so check out more of what I have to deliver, I did just that. When I first heard her name, the first thing that came to mind was holy sin, Jimin from BTS is doing a solo project?! I gotta check this out. And automatically clicked on a music video. But instead, I was whiplashed with this walking fire hydrant that definitely delivered more fire than I had anticipated. I'd be lying if I said her songs don't make me feel some type of way. And although she looks sweet and innocent, as if you should give her a cookie just because, she proved everyone wrong by ditching the soft and innocent, playing with puppies and drawing unicorns in her spare time stereotype view girls and women as fragile and damsel in distress, by adding her own flavor mixed with a side of buckle your seat, cus I'm not planning to leave riding front seat of badassery.
The video that introduced me to this walking fire hydrant pizza delivery
@firstladyofaomg yeees mmm like dayuuum son he puts the capital D to the sunny D of dab to jams and the mv was sexy af esp when he growled i cud faintly hear all i wanna do by jay park playing in my head cus when i die when i get old, id like to by his growl
when j don growls it just makes this song much hotter