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Now this is a response to the challenge the BulletProof team made this week ! ( thanks for notifying me of this lovely challenge @MadAndrea )
As seen , we've been challenged to make a card or comment about our favorites of the listed above categories!
And man do I adore IAMNOT ! Their songs are a beautiful indie popish blues mix.
And I'm absol-utely addicted !
(sorry for the Pun .... I had to do it )
Anywho! Onto the members ! On guitar we have - Lim Heon Il On drums we have - Kim Junho On bass guitar we have - Yang Si On
Saddly I don't know about them as much as I would like but let me lead you to some of their awesome music !
Brand New Blues
and "Cut"
Well that's all she wrote folks ! Hope you enjoyed ! ( also check out their songs - "HeiyHeiy"and "Hold Me" ) sorry if it's a bit short but they're a hard group to get info on . ( completely worth a search though !) tagging my peeps (tell me if you'd like to be added or removed from my tag list ) - @JohnEvans @TaehyungV @Tania538 @YongRaviZiMon
@SugaOnTop I totally agree with you! Please do! I'd love for people to know about them so I can Fan with everybody XD
@Tania538 omg no problem 🙈. cut is one if my faves too 😆😁
Aye aye captain! Thank you for sharing these songs you beautiful creature! 'Cut' is so far my favorite. 😉💕
@Tania538 I know ! Spread the Love ! 😆😂😂
Always love these kind of cards. Nothing better than spreading your love for other groups/bands. 😎🖒
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