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The way home felt like an eternity, as you thought about how embarrassing it was to not been able to say a single work to your crush not even after he apologized for hitting you with the ball. Getting home all you wanted was to take a nap that will help you forget that moment for a couple of hours, but of course that plan was ruined because as soon as you open the door you where being pulled my your maids that were leading you to the a hot warm shower they had prepared for you. You felt more relax after the shower, you went into your room getting into a beautiful peach color dress that your mother had prepared for you. You were done with your hair and a natural makeup, when you looked outside your window and saw a black Cadillac coming in your drive way. "Y/N, are your ready?" your mom ask "Yeah, who's car is that?" you ask while looking at it. "Its a friends of your father's, did you forgot we where having company over" "Your smart but you have memory of a gold fish y/n" your mom added with a small smile "Sorry, I was just worried about an up coming test" of course it was a lied you couldn't tell your mom what had happen it would only make her worry and make the upcoming event awkward not only for you but your parents too.
Namjoon POV "I'm back" "Hey, how was school" his mom ask "Same as all ways, class, break,class,break,class. Nothing interesting could ever happen during school" his mom laugh at how sassy his answer was. "Well I guess the interesting stuff happen after school" "why don't you go get ready for dinner" his dad interrupted "Do I have to attend that dinner with your friends?" Namjoon ask. "Of course you have too, now go get ready we don't want to be late" Namjoon put on some jeans and a sweat shirt but Of course as soon has his parents saw that he was send back to his room, to change and put on a suit. Because in at this dinner everyone had to be in formal clothing.
"Take us to Mr.P/L/N house please" Namjoons dad said to his driver. He was curios about everything that was going on why did His parents wanted him to attend some dinner party with his fathers friends, he hardly was home and when he was he would always be in his office. He would only take him to the company's dinner parties, but that was only for him to learn about the people who work there, because one day namjoon will take over the company. But he didn't understand why he had to attend this dinner party, unless there was something he didn't knew about, maybe his parents we're hiding something from him. "We're here" his mom interrupted his thoughts "Do I really have to attend?" "Namjoon! You have you attend, now stop asking and get out of the car" his mom said with a bit of an annoyance in her voice. "Okay, okay I won't ask again but miss Kim, please show me a smile" Namjoon said while giving his mom a small hug, and showed her his signature dimple smile. While hugging his mom he couldn't help but notice a girl on second floor window, he saw her talking with a women, but for some reason that girl looked familiar. He was wondering who it was, walking towards the front door. He greeted Mr.P/L/N, with a small hello and hand shake. Guess he would find out who the girl was, during dinner.