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Hey guys!

Exo members Kai , D.O , Chanyeol and Sehun were spotted in China recently at a HAT's on fan meeting in Shanghai, China. These 4 members looked adorable and had tons of fun answering questions and spending time with their Chinese fans. The boys dropped a few hints about their comeback but remained very vague and secretive. When fans asked Kai about the comeback he answered : "We're coming back with a new album and like every one of our comebacks, it will be quite grand," and later teased us adding "Rather than something light, we've prepared an intense performance. I think fans can safely look forward to [this comeback] because an awesome performance awaits them."

What do you think this means? Are you guys looking forward to EXO's comeback?? Let us know below


I can't help it though!😣 it's useless! good bye good freind! pls avenge my death! @kpopINT
@Mightmuffin No please don't die!!-Sky
I am slightly ready
Oh god nope! I can't do intense!😱 iiii might DIE! nope! I'm outta here!
ahhhh I'm super excited for the comebackkk 🎉