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can we all just take a moment and realize what this fandom is turning into? it seems like we went from a loving fanbase to obsessive hormonal monsters that HAVE to keep an eye on BTS 25/8!! -the rumors need to stop: from jungkook's recent "dating scandal" to yoongi being bisexual, things have gotten out of control. if jungkook really was dating someone and if you really are a true A.R.M.Y, you would be happy for him but no. instead you decide to start a hashtag #cutforkookie or whatever and make it seem like they belong to us. i was scrolling through tumblr and apparently, people have assumed that suga is bisexual just because of a few hints in his lyrics, etc. im pretty sure he himself or big hit would confirm or deny this so dont be so quick to assume. -the hate needs to stop: for one, namjoon is one of the most beautiful people ever, jin is just as important as the rest of the group and jimin is still amazing, abs or not. it sickens me that perfection is all that people have come care about. jimin had to admit to a fan that he starves for us and eat jin has a cancelled 2nd season because of the disrespectful feedback from the 1st episode -the harassment needs to stop: quit following them around and treating them like gods. if they want to relax, let them be in peace. don't stalk them in the changing rooms and make them feel so uncomfortable that they HAVE to leave. don't chase them on the middle of the street and don't treat them like a joke. theyre human too and theyve worked to hard for their vacation to go wrong


I don't know how this fandom became so hostile, but i've had enough of this. i love them too much to watch them suffer FROM THEIR OWN FANS!! i understand that you have to pay the price of fame, but quit making it seem like they abide by our rule and by how we feel. for God's sake people they're in their 20s!!! therefore, they can make their own decisions and do whatever they please. if you can't handle that, delete your tweet, sign off of tumblr, and leave the fandom because your negativity and selfishness is the reason why everything has gone to crap.
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Oh my god, I'm just so sick of this!!!! How can fans treat BTS like this!! I'm just so tired of seeing all the things that these "real ARMYs" are doing! It's embarrassing!! I don't want BTS thinking that every ARMY js like this when we're not....
Those so called "fans" need to stop they are just idols achieving their goals not gods and don't hate on any of them please馃檹馃檱 and don't follow them they just want to relax I'm sorry for the True ARMY because those "fans" are making them look like obsessed crazy fans so please Stop 馃檱馃檹
@resavalencia I agree 100%
THANK YOU! Honestly people be crazy these days.
amen but the cutforkookie psycho isn't even an army. she's an anti and if armys are following her then they don't deserve the right to be called army.