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This is so funny!!! What group is this? I want to watch more of their videos!!
@zoila205 This is Monsta X! 😊 They are amazing! They have a variety show called 'Right Now'. You can start off there if you'd like. The group Monsta X was created by Starship Entertainment Reality Survival Show called No.Mercy. If you want to learn about them You can watch that 10 episode show but let me warn you it will get ahold of your emotions. Some other ones are Monsta X Heart Attack, Monsta X Deokspatch, Monsta X Qmentary, or there is 2 Weekly Idol Episodes of Monsta X. ENJOY! ☺
his whole life just ended
@MonAnnahiX thank you so much! I'm I really shouldn't get into another group! But what the hell, it's summer!! I'll check out the variety show!! I'm always excited to learn more about kpop groups!! Thank you!
Awwwwwwww so cute!!!!!!!! So so cewt!!!!! Both of them!!!!! Why did Kihyun have to be so mean!?!?! Ahhhh so mean cz