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Finally!!! Part 8 is here!!! Thank you guys for being so patient and putting up with a long wait.
Happy Reading!!


You stand there motionless by the door. You and Chanyeol had gotten into another fight. After things got settled with his dad, all you guys have been doing was fight with each other.
You let out a small sigh 'God damn it' you think to yourself. You walk over to the couch. "Why am I even here?" you say aloud. "All I do is make things worse." You plop down on couch and lay on your side. Your mind was all over the place. Your eyelids began to become heavy. You have been so drained emotionally and physically. The stress that you were under was too much for your body to handle.
'This is all stupid,' you think as you turn onto your back. You shouldn't have opened your mouth, but your stubbornness got the best of you. 'Was it even worth it?' you think.
That question has been popping up in your head for some time now. You thought if it was worth dating Chanyeol. You thought if it was worth moving in with him. But one of those questions made you more scared and sad every time it crept it's way into your head: Was it the right decision to move to Korea to pursue your dream?
You close your eyes, hoping that you can take a quick nap and restore some of your energy. As you fell asleep, you kept replaying your fight with Chanyeol, wondering if there was a way to make things right again.
"Study abroad?" you heard your mom shout in disbelief. You had just finished your first year of college. You were majoring in cultural studies, because you love studying different cultures. But you didn't know what occupation to go under after college. You thought studying abroad might help.
"Yeah," you say excitedly. "My professor said it would be a great experience for me. Plus, if I wanted, I could get a job there and possibly live in a different country to study cultures. I can get my degree faster and do what I've always wanted to do."
"But, sweetie," she says, pointing to the flyer, "It's in Korea."
"That's where I requested." you answered. "They have great schools, and it's the one culture that I have been dying to know about." You've been interested in Korea since you entered high school. You wanted to know everything about it. Then you discovered Kpop and Kdramas and were automatically hooked. You started learning Korean when you were a junior and are almost fluent in it. You couldn't imagine not studying in Korea.
"Plus, it will help me with my cultural studies major and I'll get more job opportunities." you added.
You watch your mom pace around the kitchen. "Wh-what about the cost for studying abroad?" she stutters out.
"The college will pay for it." you reply happily. You know everything about this program. You were ready to answer every question your mom asked.
"What about housing? Where are you going to live?"
"My professor has a friend, Nora, who lives there. She has an extra room in her apartment, so I'll just live with her until I figure something out."
"Do you know this friend?" she asks.
"Yeah, we video-chat sometimes. She's only a few years older than me."
You watch your mom pace some more. "Th- this is-"
"Amazing," you whisper to yourself.
"Terrible," she says.
The smile from your face faded at that word. How is this terrible? This is something that you thought she would be happy about, considering that she has always supported you no matter what you were doing.
You hear the front door open. "I'm home," you hear your dad say. "How are my girls doing?" he asks, taking off his shoes before stepping into the kitchen.
"Terrible," your mom answers. "Look at this," she points to the flyer. Your dad walks up to her and reads the flyer. He then turns to you, "This is incredible. When did you sign up?"
You open your mouth to speak, but your mom cuts you off. "She is not doing this."
"Why?" your father asks. "It's something that she's been dreaming of doing."
"She just- she just can't," your mom stutters.
"Why?" your dad asks again.
"Because it's not what she wants," you say a little louder than you intended to. You cover your mouth, hoping your mom didn't hear. Thankfully she didn't.
"Because she has to stay with us."
"Why," you jump in. " I just turned 19, and I'm an adult. Don't I get to make my own decisions?"
"Yes, (Y/N), you can, but you have to think about the little things. What about expenses you need to pay? What about the moral support you need?"
"I'll get a job once I get settled. I have Nora to keep me company, and I can call you guys."
"Honey," you dad speaks up, turning his attention to your mom. "She is an adult. If she wants to do this, then she can. Nothing is going to stop her." He puts his hand on your mom's shoulder, but she shrugs it away. "I just need a minute." she says before retreating upstairs.
You bite your lip, trying to prevent yourself from saying something you'll regret. Why can't she just understand your dream? Why can't she just understand?
You look up at your dad, trying to find the confidence you had earlier. He speaks first. "Just give her time. She'll come around. Things always come around."
You wake up to you phone ringing loudly into your ear. You sit up and grab it from under the pillow you were laying on. "Hello," you answer in a tired voice.
"Hey, it's Baek."
"Hey," you reply.
"Chanyeol is staying with us tonight."
"Oh," you let out. He's been staying over there a lot lately. He never comes back home until morning.
"Yeah, I'll call you later." Baekhyun says.
"Ok, bye," you reply.
"Bye," he says before hanging up first. YOu sigh as your phone goes from the contact icon to your lockscreen, which is Chanyeol doing an aegyo face. You turn off your phone and set it on the coffee table. You start to think about what your dad said before you came here: "Things always come around."
'But will our relationship come around?' you whisper to yourself.
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Oh I hope things do turn around