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❅ Today's Ship will be SanShin ❅

❉ These two are wonderful together. You have the Pesky Leader & Goofy Goober. [You literally couldn't have a better combo]


(β™₯Ο‰β™₯ )

❉ ERMERGHERD. Mannnn. That. Is All.

❉ When Shin isn't Biting Sangmin, they are loving one another. They are a mirror image!!

β˜†β˜†β˜† I need them in my life β˜†β˜†β˜†

❉ He's so lovey towards Sangmin, and He loves photo bombing him

β˜† They are truly too cute for words β˜†β˜†

❉ Shin Kills Sangmins Vibe. Apparently he's not a Sangmin Kind of guy. . .

❉ Just Kidding he completely is a Sangmin Fan.

♧♧ This gif quality is horrible. I have to make my own of this. Idk if you can tell, but Shin Beams when Sangmin Dances on him ♧♧

❉ If they aren't beating each other up

❉ They are loving each other ❉


❉ They are equally funny. Although Shin does like to call Sangmin 바보 . . .

❉ Haha but he's my 바보 Shin and I love him.

❉ Sangmin may have acted aggressive on live broadcast, and knocked Shin over with his affection . . .

❉ BAHAHA I STILL SCREECH AT THIS. Look at everyone's reactionnnn!

❉ BUT Shin adores Sangmin. .


❉ Just look at this, and see that no matter what, or how idiotic Shin thinks Sangmin is, he loves his little brother.



❣ CandY Mod Squad ❣

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Haha @Tigerlily84 it's perfectly alright!!
@AimeeH I got flustered I guess. Lol I meant can they not 😹
They they not!!! That last pic in the first set!πŸ™ˆ
they are both soooooooooo cutte lol
@Tigerlily84 HAHAH! yeasss!
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