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This is the first card of my collection Anime That Should Be Hyped! They'll all be labeled "Should Hype:"

Now moving on to the anime!

This anime is about a high school boy who is absolutely obsessed with dating sims!

And of course, he completely denies reality

He's known as the conquerer because there's not a single heroine he can't make fall for him

This leads him to accidently accept a request from hell to help them gather loose souls with his new demon partner Elsie. And if he doesn't comply, both of them will be "terminated"

He needs to woo the girls with these loose souls inside them to push the spirit out of their heart so that they are able to be captured, and what other way to do that than to put all his dating sim knowledge to good use!

Unlike in the games though, these girls in real life don't always cooperate

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Romance

Seasons: 3

Dubbed Available: Yes

Manga: Yes

TV Rating: TV-14

My Rating: 8/10! I laughed so much watching this! Absolutely hilarious and creative! I obviously recommend this to those who like a good laugh

If you'd like to be tagged in my future hype posts, let me know or just follow the collection! For now I'm just tagging those who followed my anime collection ^_^

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this sounds interesting
2 years ago·Reply
seems interesting (taking a break from studying)
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
This one is so great!!!
2 years ago·Reply
my third favorite harem anime
2 years ago·Reply