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hi guys as you can see, i'm going to be taking a small hiatus. i'm having a really rough time so right now i can't really dedicate myself to this or really any other social media app. i'm not very happy right now and i feel like i'm falling apart. not many things are working out for me right now so i would appreciate it if you guys would be patient. i'm sorry if you were looking forward to any posts or lockscreens. thanks for understanding. iris (*´・v・)
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Feel better soon! We're here for you if it feels too rough! Fighting! 👊💕
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Take all the time you need. You can also message me if you need someone to talk to. Fighting!! <3 <3
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Stay Strong!Whatch our oppas💝!They will help you feel better.And besides were all here for you!Fighting!❤✊
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I'm sorry I'm late on this, but I hope you feel better! If you need someone, just know that I'm here, okay? You'll be great, and we will patiently wait for you. :)
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