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Sorry for another late update. I hope you like this chapter and credit to the fanart owners. I wrote this chapter a little different. Don't be to harsh on the way I wrote it, it's the first time I wrote like this.
2 days later "Hey Jiyong, YG wants to see us, Taeyang said." "What for? Jiyong asked." "He said something about this new label wanting to do a collab, Taeyang said." "With Top? Jiyong asked." "Yeah isn't that crazy, he just started out and someone is already wanting to do a collaboration, Taeyang said excitedly." YG POV "So you want to do a collab with our new rookie rapper? YG asked." "Yeah I heard he's pretty lit with his beats." "I can call him and his producers in right now for a meeting if you like? YG asked." "Sure that would be awesome." "Okay give me a second, YG said." Taeyang POV "Hey what's up boss? Taeyang asked as he answered his phone." "There's this new label who wants to do a collaboration with TOP can you three come in? YG asked." "Sure of course we can just let me tell them and we will be right over, Taeyang agreed." "Awesome meet us in the conference room, YG said before hanging up." Wow! Someone already wants to do a collab. I gotta go tell Jiyong, Taeyang said to himself. GD POV "Someone already wants to do a collab?" "Yeah isn't that crazy?" Taeyang said. "But we haven't even gotten done with his first recording he isn't ready for a collab, GD protested." "Yeah but it would be a good experience for him and he could learn a lot from it and besides the other end would be helping too, Taeyang explained." After a couple of minutes debating GD finally agreed. Top POV "Someone already wants to do a collab with me! Top screamed through his phone." "Yeah so hurry up and get to the YG building, Taeyang rushed." " But do you think I'm ready for that cuz we haven't even finished my first recording, Top doubted." "I swear between you and Jiyong, Taeyang grumbled through the phone." "What did GD say? Top asked." "He agreed with me, Taeyang said." "Okay fine I'll do it! Top said" "Okay meet me and GD at the conference room, Taeyang said." They all arrive at the conference room. Top is the first to go in and then GD follows but freezes as he sees who is in the room causing Taeyang to bump into him. "What the-- Jiyong what's wrong go in already, Taeyang said." "I'm not going in, GD said as he turned around and left." Taeyang opened the door more to see who it was that made Jiyong freeze and as soon as he saw who it was anger started to fill his eyes and he tried as hard as possible to not jump over the table and rip the guys throat out. GD POV "What the hell is he doing here!" GD asked himself as he walked away as fast as possible. Top came running up behind Jiyong grabbing him by the shoulder turning him around. "Why are you crying?" Top asked worriedly causing Jiyong to touch his cheek realizing he actually was crying. "It's nothing" Jiyong said as he wiped his cheek and continued to walk away. Top grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him into a hug surprising him. "It's okay if you don't want to tell me but if you ever change your mind I'm always here" Top said reassuringly. Top didn't care if GD heard his heart pounding all he cared about was Jiyong and he needed someone right now. YG POV "Where is Jiyong going?" He asked Taeyang. "I rather not say with him in the room." Taeyang sneered at the man sitting beside YG. "Do you know each other?" He pointed at both of them. "You can say that" Taeyang grumbled causing the man to smirk. "That makes it even better then!" He exclaimed as he stood up. "No it doesn't" Taeyang huffed. "I think it's going to be fun!" The man sitting down said. "We'll see about that" Taeyang grumbled. GD POV "It's okay I can tell you" GD said. "You don't have to force yourself to tell me" Top repeated. "No, I want to." GD said. "Only if you're sure." Top said. "The man that was sitting in that room was--" GD was cut off by Taeyang yelling for him.
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ughh the cliff hanger is killing me