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I need some ideas as to Dakota's older sister. Like what will her symbol should be and hair color , her personality, what type of mage she would be or type of weapon she will use...Gah! too many things. But anyway I need your help with some ideas for Natalyn Natsumi(Dakota's older sister).
@RoryImpellizeri Oh yay! Thank you for your helpful information
@RoryImpellizeri You are my best friend now I love to rp
@NeckoNecko no problem. if you ever need advice don't hesitate to ask. I rp a lot with different people on different subjects. character creation is my strong point and it's loads of fun ^.^
@RoryImpellizeri cool thanks
@NeckoNecko no prob you did ask lol. Also if you need another idea... I have an RP character named Rose who looks human but is really a fox with the ability to shapeshift and is capable of manipulateing all manner of earth. Like plants, the very ground itself, crystals, sand etc.
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