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So I enter to do a story challenged. By @DeniseiaGardner. Yes this whole card is ONE story... I was supposed to post it yesterday but due to some personal things. I finally post it today. I hope you guys enjoy it. CHARACTERS Bobby Jiyong CL Two are Vampires and One is a witch. Who dies and who lives?? Lets find out. I hope you guys enjoy this story. Took me three days to get it all together. Feedback??? Ofcourseeee!!!!! Enjoy loves xoxox
The rain was pouring hard outside. As I got out of work. I saw how bad the weather is, and of course I forget my umbrella. I look up the sky to at least see signs that the rain will might slow down, but ain't happening. I took of my sweater and cover my head. I wait to cross the street. The traffic of New York city is wild today. Then it was time for us to cross the streets. I began walk as fast as I can to get home. Then all of a sudden, a man grabs my purse. "Hey!!!!" I began to run behind the guy. He began to take turns into different blocks and then to an alley, which is a dead end. I didn't saw where the guy took, which got me frustrated. Now how the hell in hon inside the house. I turn around. Three men stood in front of me. I began to walk back till my back hits the fence behind me. They began to smile and smirk as they walk towards me. I look behind me to see if I can escape.Then I saw the guys are just laughing, but then I quickly began to climb the fence.The guys screamed and ran towards me. As I landed on the other side of the fence I began to run, but to where? "Get over here!" I heard the guys yelling behind me, but I didn't stop running. In taking crazy turns to different corners and alleys. As I look back to see the distance between me and the guys, I bump into two men. I fell to the floor and then the guys behind stopped as I was on the floor. I panicked and try to stand, but I twisted my ankle. "Hey...she is ours, why won't you leave" I don't know them but I look at the two men I bump into. They look at me and then to the guys. I quickly look at the guys who was chasing after me. Then the two men stand in front of me as protection. I was shocked, these men are strangers and i can't see their faces because they have a mask on their faces. "Why won't you guys leave her alone?" "That's a woman, learn home to respect!" The other guys began to laugh at the two men. Then one of then took out a gun and pointed at the two men. I gasped and began to worry. Then the two men put their hoods on and walked closer to the guys. All of a sudden, I saw fear in their faces. I don't know why, but the guy put his gun down and they all began to run away. "Thank you so mu..." The two men turn around and all I saw was bright red eyes. Then I lost consciousness.
I open my eyes and I noticed that I'm at the hospital. Did I bang my head or something? Then I saw my ankle is wrapped up. A nurse came in to check up on me. "Hello Ma'am, How are you feeling?" " Im ok, but how I got here?" "Two very gorgeous men took you in and they also did a report to police of what happened" Then the two men enter and this time they don't have their masks on. Their beauty is no joke, the are both very gorgeous. The nurse left and I was alone with them. "Thank you guys for helping me. I am grate. ...." Then I remember. Their eyes. I look atthe floor to refresh my memory, and quickly back anthem. Their eyes are normal. I blinked a couple times. "You guys had..had..." "If I was you, I rather stay quiet." "G, be nice." "Im just saying. we in public." They both looked at me. They close the door and walked a bit closer to me. I put a pillow in front of, like it would protect me. "My name is Bobby. He is my brother Jiyong." "My name is Janera" "Its a beautiful name." "Bobby, do you think she saw enough. like you know we can't not leave her alone in public no more " "What he means?" "We are not human. We..." I look at them seriously, and stop Bobby from talking. My mouth dropped. My fingers points at them. "What you mean you guys are not humans??! Like you guys look humans. Oh god.... what are you?" Bobby looks at Jiyong and Jiyong gives an attitude. "well we are immortals. We been alive for a very long time now. How can I put this..." "Seriously Bobby. We are vampires." "Jiyong.." I look at both of the men. These gorgeous men are hundreds years old. Wait... this can't be true. no way it can't be. In dreaming. ... I must be dreaming. "Your not dreaming, girl. Its true and face the fact that we are hundred. years. old." "Jiyong. .. chill for a bit" " wait how you know what I was thinking?" "I can read your mind." I look at Jiyong. This dude seems to not have feelings or something. Bobby seems more calmer and nicer. I laid back in bed and cover my face with my hands and groan. Then I remembered. "wait you guys said about not leaving me alone in public. What you mean by that?" "Those men that tried to get you are witches and they prey on women. Their enemies is us, Vampires. No humans has seen a vampire because we tend to hide, but you...there's something about you that makes us attract to you. We never saved a human being for 100 yrs." Jiyong groans. As Bobby finished his sentence. Then he left the room. I wonder what's his problem. "Ignore Jiyong. He is just bothered because this never happened." "So how old are you guys." "Jiyong is 350 and I'm 213" "What.... you guys look in your 20s" "Jiyong was turned in the age of 28 and i was in the age of 24. Ever since, we stayed frozen in that age since." I look at Bobby. All I can think of is a freaky twilight to witch hunters. Am I dreaming. Nah. I can't be. All of a sudden, Jiyong enters the room. "Bobby, we gotta go. There's some witches outside. They hunting for her!" " Me?? But I can't walk." Jiyong pulls the IV and lifts me up. Then Bobby open the window. I began to panic. I grab Jiyong tight. Then we all jump off the window. I close my eyes and cover my face with Jiyong's jacket. Then Bobby grabs me as Jiyong went ahead. Bobby runs towards alleys to another, then into a car. He puts me inside the car nicely. I don't know what to think. Everything is happening at once. My head is pounding. I can't even think. Then Bobby gives me a drink. "What is this?" "Drink it. It will help you calm down your nerves." I drank the juice. It was very sweet. But then I began to get dizzy. Then I saw Bobby as my eyes began to get heavy. "Im sorry" It was the last words I heard before everything went black.


She fell asleep. A deep Sleep. I don't know why the witch wants her so bad. I also don't know why we saved her. Who is she? I arrived at the house where Jiyong and I are staying. I grab Janera and take her inside the house. As I enter, Jiyong is inside. I lay Janera on the sofa. "Bobby, Who is she ?" "I don't know, but we must found out of why the witch wants her and why we saved her." "A connection?" "Maybe, but what kind?" "I don't know, but we must figure this out. If the witches want her. Then the queen knows why. " Jiyong looks at me with the most serious face. This dude just never chill. Jiyong been in this world more than me. He also seen how humans hated our kind. He made a promise to himself to never save a human. So today he is really confused about this woman. Jiyong never left from my side since the day he saved me. The last time he ever saved a human. I was beaten to death by my father. Jiyong killed him and turn me into a vampire as a second chance of life. Which I never regret. Then all of a sudden, Janera stands up but her eyes are closed. She is sleep walking. She wobbles through the living room to the front door. Jiyong and I began to follow her. She went through the forest and over the trees. I am wondering why she is walking through here. "Bobby, this place. Isn't where the Alpha used to live. Look!" I stopped walking and quickly look at him. I began to look around the woods. Its true. Our Alpha used to live in this forest. Why is Janera, How does? Then I began to follow her again. As we went deep into the forest, I saw the house which the alpha used to live. Then Janera collapsed. I quickly grabbed her. She is smiling. "Jiyong, What is she thinking ?" "She keeps saying Father over and over" "What? " "Bobby, Remember there's a story about the alpha. Saying that the Alpha had a child was then she was taken away by the Queen of the witches." "Are you saying that Janera is the..." "Alpha's daughter!" We both look at Janera as she quietly sleeps on my chest. How can she be the Alpha's daughter? She is human. I lift her up and we began to walk inside the house. The house is old and dirty. There's been some furniture but its covered with plastic. Then Janera began to cough and woke up. I stand her up. "Where are we?" "You took us here. You was sleep walked and we followed you." "Do you remember anything here? The house? The area?" Janera looked around. Then she began to smile. Then she began to walk around. "My mother told me that my father used to live here. But he died when I was 5. I don't have much memories about him, but my mother used to take me here for summer camping." "Janera this place is where Our alpha used to live". "Alpha?" "Yes the king of Vampires! " "Jiyong, I know what an alpha means." "Just making sure." "Jiyong can you stop and let her speak" "Whatever " Then Janera began to walk up the stairs. There are three doors. She opens one. It was a little girls room, her old room. Janera walked in and saw how she missed it. She grabs a frame and it was a picture of her when she was a baby. "I haven't been in this house 17 years. My mother said its not worth it anymore and the house was taken out. But I don't understand why would she lied to me." She walked out of her room and enter inside the second door. This time its the Alpha's room. Everything is ruined and broken. Janera began to look around and saw a couple of broken frames. She quickly grabs it and saw nothing. "Where's the pictures? I know there pictures of him here. Where is it? No" Janera began to panic and worry. Then she sliced her finger with one of the glass and began to bleed. She quickly stocked her finger into her mouth and stand in front of us. Jiyong and I backed up a bit. Was we imagining things? When Janera sucked in the bit of blood from her finger, her eyes turned gold in 2 seconds and then back to normal. I look at Jiyong and he looks back at me. "Come on boys. Lets go. There's nothing more to see." " What about this door?" "Oh that door was always locked. Mother and I can't never open it. " "Jiyong bust it" Jiyong walks in front of the door and from one kick, the door busted open. As we went inside, everything is dark. Jiyong finds the switch and turn on the lights. There was only a desk with a notebook and pictures. Janera grabs the pictures and Jiyong grabs the notebook. I stood quiet behind Janera and see the pictures with her. All these pictures are only her with her Alpha. Is she the lost child who he lost? But why I don't see a picture of the mother? "Janera, there is no pictures of your mother. When was the last time you saw her " "She passed away two yrs after my father did." "Do you remember your mother?" "No I don't. Doctors said from the shock. The memories flushed away. " I wonder who her mother is. But I feel so sorry for her. Wait, if Janera's father did the Alpha, then that means she is a vampire. But she smells human. "Bobby!!" "What.." Jiyong gave me the notebook and pointed to the page I should read. I began to read. "She hated her own child. She has changed. How can a mother wanted to destroy her own child? How can I save my little girl? I wish she was full blooded Vampire , but she is not. How did I fell in love with a witch? Was it because of her beauty or true love? Was I tricked? I will always live my little Janera, but I must do to protect her. I will sacrifice myself and turn her full blooded human. No vampires or witches can't find her. Unless her mother does. Will she find her? I don't know. Will Janera knows in the future? I dont know either. I hope she does. Before its too late. But only a potion can make herback to who she was. My blood. If she ever drinks my blood she will be back to how she was born. A half vampire and a half Witch." I look at Janera and then back to Jiyong. "See.. no wonder we feel like we have to protect her. She is the daughter of the Alpha. She is the lost child." "She is also half witch.. I wonder who her mother is?" "Turn the page" I turn the page and I saw a woman. The most beautiful woman ever. I turn the picture and that's when I saw the words which stopped my world in seconds. "Janera's mother. The Queen of witches. Known as CL." I closed the book. I rubbed my head and let out a huge sigh. "Bobby, we must tell her of who she is. " I look at Janera and see her looking atthe pictures. Then I walk towards her. I gaveherthe notebook and the picture. She began to read and saw the picture of her mother. "This cant be true. Its not true. Im a what??!" "Janera relax. We are shock as well. We want expecting this. But, we must find that potion. Its ur identy." "Why mother wants to kill me?" "We dont know, but I know she is the one hunting you." "Why is that?" "Because she is alive!" "JIYONG! !" "What. .. its true. The bitch is alive." "Lets find that Potion boys" We began to search all around the house but nothing. We search high and low. Nothing. I enter inside back into the room where we found the notebook. I look around and I spotted a picture of the Alpha. I saw the frame a bit inches apart from the wall. I removed the frame and there I see a little safe. "You guys!! I found it!!" Jiyong and Janera came inside the room and saw the safe. To open this safe its with a skeleton key. I began to look around and then I saw a skeleton key around Janera's neck. "That necklace. Where you got it?" "I have always had it since I was a little girl." "May I?" Janera gave me her necklace and I grab the key. I slide the key inside and turn it. Then it clicked. I quickly open the safe and there I see a small bottle which carries blood inside. "Janera, if you drink this. You will be who you truly are." I gave the tube to her and began to look at it. She looked at us. Then she opened it and drank the blood. Her eyes quickly turned pure gold and she quickly went to the ground and hold her head. She began to scream as she is in pain. We run towards her to she is ok. But nothing much we can do. Then her fangs pop out and then she fainted. "Well damn.... Talk about beauty" "JIYONG! " "Im just saying. Ivebeen alive for so many years. And I never see a beauty like her. She is even better looking than her mother." "Come on lets go" Jiyong picks up Janera and we both started to walk out of the house. As we went deeper to the forest to head home. We got ambushed. All I remember is Janera getting grabbed from the witches and so was Jiyong.


"My lady , Your daughter has arrived" "Good bring her to me" The moment I've been waiting for. A moment to kill this brat. Once she is dead, she will never be who she was. "Hello Mother" My heart stopped. How she knows Im her mother? No way. It cant be. I stand and turn slowly around to see her. And there she stands. More beautiful than I ever pictured. The most beautiful creature I've ever seen. " do you know who I am" "Thanks to father. He left a wonderful message for me." "This cant be! How did you remember. I placed a spell on you to forget." "The potion." I look at her and I feel anger inside of me. She drank it and now she is this beautiful. But she is also powerful. Her fathers blood is thicker than mines. "Get her!!" "Noooo!!!" A man cover for her. I look and see he is willing to protect her. "Who are you?" "Her guardian." "Then you must die first" My soldiers began to walk towards the man as he protect the pest behind him. But he is tough. He can definitely fight. I can see how the pest wants to protect him. I wonder. I look up at the right and gave my men a sign to shoot. They swing their sticks and let go of ther powers and it hit the guy. He falls down the floor screaming in pain. His skin is burning little by little. "No!!" The pest jump in and hugged this man and she took the pain. Then all of a sudden she raised her hands and quickly closed them. The wands of my witches stopped working. How? No way!. She is also powerful. This cant be! "Take them out of my sight. NOW!" She may stopped the powers but she also got burned. How can I stop this? How can I kill her? I sat down on my chair. "You will die Janera!"
My skin was burning but its healing fast. Jiyong and I got thrown into a cell in the bottom of a basement. Jiyong groans in pain. "Jiyong. Are you ok?" "y..yeah.. its..ok" He was in pain and see he won't make it. His skin is turning into ashes. I dont know what to do. This ignorant dork saves me in a way which I've never imagine. "Jiyong why you jump in?" "call me crazy, but you made me feel different inside. I never was this type of person. Never saved no one beside Bobby. But you different " I looked at him and I dont know what to expect. But he is being sincere. I quickly grabbed his head and sinker my fangs into his neck. His blood is super sweet. I sucked a bit of his blood and then I gave him some of my venom. I let go of his neck and I see his wounds and burns getting healed. He lays on the floor till he is completely healed. I sat next to him till he wakes up. The place is quiet. Too quiet. I close my eyes and began to listen. There's nothing but silent. I wonder why my very own mother wants to kill me for. Jealousy? Jiyong then groans and sit up. I open my eyes and went towards him. "Your ok?" "Yes, but your fangs are very sharp ". "Im sorry." "It's fine. Now how to get the hell out of here." "No clue. But we must figure it out." Jiyong stands and began to walk around. Then he noticed something. He walked towards the wall and pulls out a brick. "Janera, Your half a witch. You can do spells and tricks. You see that mirror. Well you can see the lock of our cage right?" "Yes I can see it." "Try to open it." "How?" "Concentrate Woman!" "Your really an asshole" "Sorry." I look at the mirror and see the lock. How can I open this? I barely know of what I can do. Then I remember of what I did to stop the other witches. I pretend I grabbed the lock with my hands and pull it down. When that happened,the lock broke too. "Woman. You are awesome." It was the first time I ever saw Jiyong smile. Then we open the cage and we began to try to escape. Then we heard a noise. We quickly hide under a rock.Then we saw someone walking. "Janera? Jiyong?" Then we noticed it was Bobby. "Bobby. Oh god. Man I thought you was dead." "Thank god your alive man. Whoa!" Bobby saw me and see how I look now. "Janera? This is you?" "Yes I am" "wow! You are a beauty. " "Thank you." "Ok Bobby, pay attention. We need to leave. Now!!" "Your right. Come on. Lets go." We began to follow Bobby. But then out of nowhere. Witches came out of nowhere. The boys quickly hissed and began to protect me. Their fangs are out and they then they began to attack. "Run Janera!!!" Bobby and Jiyong screamed and yelled telling me to run, but I can't leave them. "Janera Go!!! Just Go!!" "No I can't leave you guys alone." Then Jiyong runs towards me. And out of nowhere he hugs me tight. "Please go Janera. Our life is to protect you. Please." It was the first time I have heard Jiyong call me by my name. Then he pushed me off. Telling me to go over and over again. Then I decided to run off. As I ran. My heart began to ache. For leaving them behind. As I took a turn. CL grabs my neck. "Hello you pest" I look into her eyes. All I see was anger. Then she squeezes hard to the point I got angry. I quickly snapped her hands off of me and she let go. "Why would you want to destroy me for? How can a mother kill her own child?" "Because I have always hated you. Your father never noticed me, but you" "What a hater!" "You will die. just like how your pathetic of a father you had." Anger build inside of me. Then she tried to grab me. As she ran towards me I grabs her shirt and it ripped. I saw she has other clothes but when turned around. My heart dropped. She is holding another baby. "Stop this. You have another child." "So what. When im pregnant is when I get younger and beautiful. But they never live over 2 years old." "What you mean?" "Carrying them and breastfeeding them for the first two years are beauty for me. But after that. . I kill them." "Your disgusting bitch" I ran towards her and quickly grabbed her. But she is also quick. She grabs my arm and twist me around. Then I hit her face with the back of my head. I turned around but she scratched my face. The sting hurtled for a couple seconds till it healed. Then she quickly grabbed her wand and stabbed me right across my stomach. Then I grab her neck and sink my fangs in her, and began to suck.


Jiyong and I ran towards Janera. But we stop as we entered inside the room. Janera is full of blood but her teeth is sank to CL' s neck. Then Jiyong went running towards Janera. "Stop Janera. Your going to kill the baby!" Jiyong pulled Janera but then in that moment, CL grabbed Jiyong and she ripped his neck. "NOOOOO JIYONG!!" I grabbed Jiyong and pulled him towards me. The Janera grabbed her neck and snapped it. I began to help Jiyong and Janera came to me. "Bobby will he live?" "His wounds are to big for just my venom. Only one way.?" "What's that? " I quickly grabbed a knife and slight my wrist. And I quickly put it on Jiyong's mouth. I can feel him sucking on it. "Janera. You must save the baby!" Janera went towards the belly and she can see the belly moving. Then I throw her the knife. "You got to take the baby out. It can die inside. Quickly Janera" Janera grabbed the knife and she slowly cut the belly. Then she stick herhands inside. A couple seconds later, the baby came out. "She is not crying. She ain't breathing." "Only you can save her. Your the alpha." "Are you saying to bite her." "Only way to save her. She will also turn full blooded vampire instead of a witch." She stood looking at the baby. Then she quickly bite the baby and let go. As seconds went by. The baby began to cry. Janera then took her sweater off and covered the baby. Then I grab Jiyong and carried him as Janera took the child in her hands. We all began to walk out of the place. As we was about to leave. The remaining witches stood in front of us. Then they bow down to the floor. "We will follow you ma'am " I looked at Janera. She seemed so confused. "They know your half vampire and half witch." "So what should I do?" "Why not take them. Maybe we can do a better world with their magic?" "Smart thinking Bobby." Janera agreed to take them and we began to set our life into a different world.

5 years later.

"JIYONG!!" "What woman!" "You need to train them to protect not for war!" "sheeshh.. fine!" Jiyong was training a couple of witches and vampires to work together. To protect the world from our enemies. Not all vampires and witches are nice. Evil still runs around the world. "Nana!" I turn around and I see Bobby holding my little sis. "Hey sweety. What did you and uncle Bobby did together? " "We went to the zoo. But I had to wear this mask." "So you wont kill no humans. We need to control ourself from it." She then began to giggle and walk around the neighborhood. Then Bobby appeared beside me. "So how you feeling?" "Im good. Just feeling big." "I bet" Bobby began to rub my pregnant belly. Then Jiyong ran towards us. "Hey man. What you doing rubbing my woman's belly?!" "Shut up Jiyong. You lucky I haven't killed you for her" "You wish." The boys began to joke around. As I sat down on a bench, I look around as see how much work and how much things have changed. My life went from an ordinary orphan to a over working woman to a half vampire and half witch. Who knew that vampires and witches existed? Not me. But these boys are just the best of the best. They know how to be true and loyal. I look at the sky and smile. Then Jiyong and Bobby sat next to me. Life is just great. The End.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

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@DeniseiaGardner yes...someone did got the girl lmaooooo
@JackieG1617. yuppp. Hopefully its good
@BBxGD I bet I took a long time to write it down 😅
@JackieG1617 It is definitely LONNNNGGGGG
omg this is Sooo long I'll read it when I get home thoughhh 😉
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