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I think its pretty remarkable that "91 percent of K-pop views last year took place outside of Korea." Gangnam Style has reached 1.7 billion views. As the article points out, its popularity demonstrates just how much our consumption of multimedia has shifted away from traditional networks and towards user sharing. What do you all think?
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@leecatlee Definitely
so interesting! i definitely think all markets have the potential be over-saturated with content. its both a good and bad aspect of media these days- there's more room for quality content, but also can mean that we have more crappy content to shift through
I'd never heard of "the long tail" did some googling and it looks pretty cool. I guess the question is what's the best way to find the stuff at the end of the tail.
@curtisb I mean I think if content creators pander to the masses, sure there might be a hit to meaningful media. But I know that there will always be a place for quality content. Chris Anderson pretty much popularized the Long Tail Theory and that niches are also important. I think it's kind of an unavoidable phenomenon unfortunately.
Definitely, I wonder about the impact on quality though. Do you think these trends mean more catchy and less meaningful multimedia? Although I feel like we're going in that direction no matter what.
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