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Where do you like sitting when it's time to pick your plane seat?

Personally, I'm terrified of heights, so I like picking a window seat just to be able to be the one who chooses when to open and close the window. Unless it's a long flight. In which case, I'm definitely taking aisle because nobody wants to be the person that has to make everyone else stand up when they've really got to pee.
Window seat so I can watch clouds and be bored then fall asleep(that is when there's no old lady telling me about when she was young which I totally don't give a f about but I still smile and nods )
I rather be close to the lane since I might need to use the rest room or vomit
the comic confuses me
@Lizzeh Omg, my shoulders are super broad, so sitting in the middle is always awkward for me.
@danidee I'm so confused now xD. Maybe it's not so bad for me cause I knock out real quick xD
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