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So I finally got my BTS Young Forever Night Ver. Album *€* Now I want the Day Ver. 😂 IM SO HAPPY ITS SO PRETTY (I got it on the 26th)
So this is just case cx THIS THING WAS SO HEAVY (With everything inside)
This is the order that it came in (when I took everything out) so everything was backwards lol
This was inside cx Audition information O: and the polaroid 😍 the last 2 photos were in the packaging ^^ photobook spoilers below lol
These are just some of my favourites inside the photo book *€*
Last thing, Jin's speech made me laugh by my understanding xD I didn't read the whole thing. I only read up to 피디님 in the third line, BUT LIKE HE MENTIONED JJANGGU XD And I think it was cute how he said the members' names then added 빅 to the beginning xD pretty sure it just stands for... Big.. Correct me if Im wrong cx
끝~! All done! Finally, Ive been meaning to upload this card for a while '-' ~SeNa 세나 (Jjanggu above *€* 짱구)
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thanks for sharing!! 💕